You can bring your own tumbler at these 15 milk tea shops

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MANILA, Philippines – We absolutely love our milk tea but it reaches a point wherein we realize the amount of plastic waste it produces from the straws, cups, and the plastic seals. It’s a significant step that we switch to reusable straws, but do you ever wonder if we can do more?

The answer is a definite yes! There are a number of milk tea spots that allow you to bring your own tumbler and a handful even offer discounts!

You just have to make sure that your tumbler is big enough for the size you want, medium sizes are usually 16 oz. and large reach up to 23 oz., it depends per brand but with practice, you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

To help you with your eco-journey, we’ve rounded up a handful of milk tea spots that allow you to bring your own reusable cup!

Serenitea – multiple branches

Serenitea is a homegrown bubble tea brand known for their strong brews and flavor selections. While Serenitea has one of the widest tea menus in the country, they also sell their own reusable tumblers and straws in store for less plastic waste.

Brown Cafe menu
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G/F Serendra, 11th Ave, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice – multiple branches

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice has become one of the most popular milk tea brands in the Philippines, causing a surge of customers to line up for their famed Panda Milk Tea. Because of the obscene amounts of milk tea orders they produce daily, plastic packaging can sometimes be inevitable. Thankfully, CoCo accepts tumblers for your zero waste lifestyle.

Photo from Coco Tea Philippines Facebook Page

Icelavie – multiple branches

Icelavie is a popular Malaysian brand known for its huge drinks, in which they serve a variety of coffee concoctions, tea, and fruit juice. Last year, Icelavie started a campaign where customers could bring their used Icelavie cup or a personal tumbler and get a refill for just ₱59. You can still bring your used Icelavie cups and tumblers for an eco-friendly treat!

Photo from Booky

Black Scoop Café – multiple branches

From the sweet-toothed geniuses behind Infinitea comes Black Scoop Cafe, your next favorite dessert stop! Serving up milk tea and soft-serve innovations, they’ve also innovated their packaging with eco-friendly options such as reusable cups, stainless metal straws, and even an on-the-go milk tea sleeve (in place of plastic bags).

Photo from Black Scoop Cafe's Instagram page

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea – multiple branches

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea offers a wide array of freshly-made premium tea drinks. They specialize in fruit teas using real fruit. They also serve sugarcane drinks, tea, lattes, and other specialty and limited-edition drinks. Yi Fang also allows you to bring your own tumbler, so you can drink your Yi Fang favorite while being more environmentally responsible.

Photo from Booky

Cha Tuk Chak – multiple branches

Authentic and accessible Thai cuisine is headed your way courtesy of Cha Tuk Chak! Enjoy Cha Tuk Chak’s blend of fresh and bold signature drinks and sip into an exciting world of flavor. Their cups are designed to be reused, so if you bring them the next time you get your Thai tea fix, they’ll give you a discount!

 Photo from Booky

Macao Imperial Tea – multiple branches

Macao Imperial Tea is a fast-growing and much-awaited cafe chain from Macao that has arrived in the Philippines. Not only will you be lessening plastic use when you bring their reusable cups to your next visit, but Macao Imperial Tea will also give you a discount!

Photo from Booky

Chachago – multiple branches

A popular milk tea and bubble waffle spot straight from Taiwan, Chachago serves up authentic flavors at affordable prices! Enjoy a different taste of Taiwan with creative combinations and must-try blends.

Photo from Chachago Philippines' Facebook page

Insider tip: In select branches, you can get Buy 1 Get 1 Yakult Pineapple!

Tiger Sugar – multiple branches

First opening their doors in Taiwan, Tiger Sugar has become famous for their Brown Sugar Boba Milk, among all the other milk teas we’re all crazy for. P.S. You can also bring your own reusable cup from Tiger Sugar!

Photo from Tiger Sugar

Chawadicup – multiple branches

Have a taste of tea in its purest form! Founded by true aficionados, ChawadiCup shares their love for all things tea through authentic and specially brewed Thai tea options. Chawadicup offers large reusable cups for a hefty, eco-friendly drink.

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Insider tip: Get 2 orders of Chao Manao or Cha Yen for P256 P150!

Royaltea – multiple branches

With over 500 stores in Asia, RoyalTea has now opened its doors to Metro Manila! Serving a selection of premium milk teas, fruit tea infusions, and their signature cheese teas, customers will get a taste of tea innovations that are as nutritious as they are delicious! Royaltea also provides reusable, spill-proof cups for an on-the-go and eco-friendly refreshment.

Photo from Booky

Insider tip: You can enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 Pearl Milk tea & Wintermelon Milk Tea for just P95! Check out their other offers here.
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Flamingo Bloom – multiple branches

Get an authentic and flavorful taste of Chinese tea! The Hong Kong-favorite, Flamingo Bloom, is a modern and chic tea salon that offers a range of unique and healthy floral tea for everyone to enjoy.

Insider tip: They recommend you bring a tumbler that can at least hold up to 600 ml.

Photo from Booky

Insider tip: You can get Buy 1 Get 1 Passion Fruit Lemon Tea for just P290 P145!

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