Building, burning, and storing: The truth about your body fat

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Body fat isn't always to blame for unnecessary weight gain. Coupled with exercise, proper diet, and the right boosters, fat can be one of our best sources of energy. Below is a press release from LeGARDE.]

MANILA, Philippines – Contrary to popular belief, your body fat is not the enemy. It is in fact an essential part of one's wellness journey. An average person has about 2,500 calories of carbohydrate reserves — stored mostly in the liver and the muscles — to use for all kinds of energy-needing functions. When your body requires more energy, it will burn stored fat in a chemical process known as metabolism, and while fat provides you with the energy that you need, it also helps in regulating your body temperature, reduction of inflammation and blood clotting, and brain development.

Fat is the densest of all the nutrients that provide your body with caloric energy. With 9cal per gram, fats give you roughly twice as much energy and calories as proteins and carbohydrates. This energy is used by the body to perform significant functions like blood circulation, regulation of hormones, cell growth, and digestion. Calories that are not immediately metabolized are stored in the body as fat making it your largest reserve of energy.

However, fat cells can increase and decrease depending on the amount of fat that the body is storing. If you have more fat versus what you actually use, your fat cells will expand, causing you to gain unnecessary weight, thus, making it difficult for your body to produce the energy you need for low- to moderate-intensity activities, endurance exercises, and even for simple functions such as walking. Even when you are at rest, your body remains extremely active using energy to power all the processes required to sustain life. Which is why finding the right energy regimen is important to support your lifestyle — both day in and day out. 

The right regimen doesn’t always have to be a daunting exercise routine. Fun activities like dancing, gardening, and walking can help you burn as many calories as an afternoon at the gym. You can also get more from your body by aiding your food diet with everyday booster like LeGARDE Carnipure L-Carnitine Supplement. Made with Carnipure, which is a grade of L-Carnitine that may convert stored fat into a source of energy, LeGARDE may help you and your body to keep going throughout the day. 

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