CONVERSATION: ‘Bayanihan’ in the modern age

MANILA, Philippines – In Filipino culture, there’s the idea of bayanihan. This refers to a group or a community coming together and helping one another to achieve a common, greater goal. It promotes a culture of of collaboration and empowerment of every individual through teamwork, innovation and action.

2016 featured a great example of Filipinos demonstrating this community spirit. During the recent national elections, citizens encouraged each other to vote and decide the future of the nation.

Now that a new set of leaders has been proclaimed, we must stand behind them and continue working together to achieve progress and peace for the country. Change is possible through every individual’s contribution. 

Working together is winning together as a community. How will you do your part? How does technology empower you to succeed and help others? We conducted this conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #WinTogether. View the highlights below. –