The Pinoy childhood starter pack

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MANILA, Philippines – Did you grow up in the Philippines before the boom of technology and social media? 

There was nothing quite like childhood during the “unplugged” days. We had no smartphones to enjoy Candy Crush and Angry Birds at our disposal, but we were perfectly happy with our teks, Beyblades, and Chinese garters. 

We had no problem keeping ourselves entertained with even the most mundane things, such as sticks, rubber bands, tires – with a little resourcefulness and imagination, we were able to turn practically anything into toys. 

Ready for a quick detour down memory lane? Check out these quintessential items every cool Pinoy kid owned back in the days.


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Pick up sticks

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Pokemon cards

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Butterfly clips 

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These days, however, traditional toys don’t seem to be as popular. The accessibility of smartphones has slowly edged out the typical batang 90s’ favorite toys. Declining toy sales throughout the years show that ten year-olds these days are more focused on playing with their first smartphones.

Far be it from me to say that an analog childhood is better than a digital one. In fact, high-quality content can benefit kids raised in lower-income households via digital lessons offered by educational apps. 

But then, there’s some merit to “Kaka-computer mo yan.” Research shows that certain types of digital content may prove more distracting rather than educational. They need to get moving too – solving puzzles benefits kids more when it’s done off-screen. Not to mention that the blue light emitted by gadgets can disrupt biological rhythms.

Nevertheless, gadgets can still be helpful, provided parents establish a healthy balance. 

For all you batang 90s who are now parents yourselves, take your kids with you on your trip down memory lane by introducing them to some old-school toys. Who else can best teach them how to enjoy these games? –