How this businessman went from tikoy to telecoms

MANILA, Philippines – Even if Alex Yap grew up into their family business, things weren’t always easy.

Chairman Yap’s company, Winnable Marketing Corporation, started out as Uy and Son’s General Merchandising in 1968. However, in his adolescence, their business took a dip; appliance sales were failing.

He was soon forced to sell fireworks and tikoy to help his family make ends meet. To stay ahead of the curve, he had to keep innovating. Soon enough, he became one of the first businessmen in Batangas to take an interest in distributing cellphones, e-load, and sim cards.

Today, Winnable Marketing Corporation is one of the largest distributors of PLDT and Smart in the entirety of Region 4. Learn the story of Alex Yap’s success by watching this video. –