CONVERSATION: Let's discuss #FirstJobProblems

MANILA, Philippines – You’re a fresh grad ready to conquer the world, armed with the knowledge you gained from your college professors, parents, and peers. You’re the one to beat. Resume is ready, clothes for the big interview are prepped, and your mind is set to get the job where you know you’ll fit right in.

But then you realize you’re not alone. You, and a hundred thousand other fresh grads, share the same sentiment and are ready to march up to the company of your dreams to get out of “funemployment.”

Then there are those who are already armed with work experience, and who want to switch careers or transfer companies. But just like first time job seekers, it isn’t that easy either. It’s like starting over all over again.

There will always be challenges in applying for the job of your dreams, getting your first job, experiencing your first day at work, and transferring companies. But there are also victorious moments when you can even imagine your favorite song cue in the background.

Wherever you are in the career ladder right now, you have a story to tell about the first time you stepped into your new office and made friends (and maybe even enemies). Tell us about those face palm moments that keep coming back to you in the middle of the night, as well as those “I-wish-I-could-turn-back-time” experiences.

Here’s to the mistakes that make you cringe and stories that make you laugh.

Read on and find out what people had to say about their #FirstJobProblems. 

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