11 daily choices to help you find your flow

MANILA, Philippines – Every day, we make decisions that are either good or bad for us.

Instead of reading a good book, we end up scrolling mindlessly through our social media feeds for hours and focusing on what other people are doing. Instead of climbing a few flights of stairs, we miss out on some exercise and choose to end up waiting in long elevator lines.

When the smooth flow of your day is disrupted by a seemingly unresolvable problem or a bad habit, it’s easy to lose sight of all things good and fall into a trap of negative emotions.

The small but effective decisions that you make can get you back up on your feet and improve how your day is going.

Here are the 11 ways to flow your best. 

Choose to be positive: Take note of your blessings

We often forget to acknowledge all the good things surrounding us when we have grown too accustomed to them. At the start and end of each day, make a mental note of the things you are thankful for. When facing a difficult situation, always ask yourself “In what ways could this be worse?” and you will realize that it’s not so bad after all. 

Choose to say no: Focus on what’s important

Learn to say no to activities that make you feel like time had cheated on you. Besides work, have you been spending enough time with your family, your friends, and your self? Or do you spend too much time playing instead of working? Focus on what’s important to you and in the long run, you’ll see the benefits. 

Choose to forgive yourself: Always move forward

Don’t dwell on guilt, anxiety and self-deprecation. Identify your biggest regrets, accept them, and remind yourself not to make the same decisions that led you to them. Keep moving forward by allowing yourself to make mistakes. Be conscious of making better choices next time. 

Choose to learn and grow: Educate yourself

Watch Ted Talks or educational YouTube videos in your spare time. Want to learn how to play the guitar or try your hand at painting or drawing? Go for it! With the vast amount of information online, the limit of your learning capabilities is endless.

Choose to be human: Support an advocacy

Engage yourself in volunteer programs that can bring a positive impact to society. Not only will volunteering help communities, you will also meet like-minded people, develop new skills, and gain new perspectives. Help others in need and always offer a lending hand even in simple, everyday situations such as offering your seat to the elderly during your commutes.

Choose to go with gut: Listen to your passion

Immerse yourself in your passions and allocate time for them. May it be painting, reading, or watching films, give these activities importance by including them in your schedule. When you spend regular time doing something you love, you will be excited to wake up every single morning.

Choose to see possibilities: Go outside

Visit places you’ve never been to before. Travel locally, abroad, or even to neighborhoods you’ve yet to explore. Choose to see what lies beyond the confines of your home and see what other experiences life has to offer.

Choose to try: Work up a sweat

Be good to your body and try to give it the daily exercise it needs. Stay fit by trying out different workout classes such as spinning, boxing, or climbing, or simply walking as often as you can. 

Choose challenge: Hone a skill

Learn a new language or sign up for online courses from Coursera, Alison, or Udemy. Instead of spending hours on social media, have fun as you continuously work on a skill that may be useful to your career. Immerse yourself in the process of mastering something new and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Choose friends: Spend time with supportive people

Spending time with positive, encouraging, and non-judgmental peers will inspire you to become your best self. If you feel that you are surrounded by people who hold you back from reaching your full potential, step back and take yourself out of the picture.

Choose pure: Eat clean for you and for the environment

Be good to your body and the environment by eating clean. Consume whole and organic food. Drink at least 8 glasses of clean water to stay hydrated and make sure to choose eco-friendly water bottles. A clean diet will nourish your body, protect the environment, and make you feel fresh all throughout the day.

Remember that you have the power to make the most out of your day through your daily choices. What do you do to make your days flow at their best? – Rappler.com