Jodi Sta Maria: Lessons from a woman on the move

ALL SMILES. Jodi Sta. Maria fields questions from the media. All photos by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler.

ALL SMILES. Jodi Sta. Maria fields questions from the media. All photos by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler.

MANILA, Philippines – Jodi Sta Maria is the multi-hyphenated woman of the moment.

The mother-actress-businesswoman is currently everyone’s favorite bida/ contrabida on a primetime drama, a doting mom to a 9-year old son, and has a thriving restaurant business to boot.

As one might expect, her days are usually jam-packed. 

This, according to Jodi, is a typical day: “Right now what I do is I just go to work, taping, and then on days when I’m not working you can expect me to be in school, picking up and dropping off my son, and then taking him to the tutor, and then spending time with him after that, and then rest after,” she says in a mix of English and Filipino. 

At 33, Jodi does not look a day older than 25. She has learned how to achieve a busy, mobile, and healthy lifestyle.

Now, she shares these lessons, in hopes that she will inspire others to achieve the same balance.    

Physical mobility and mental balance are important

FOCUSED. Jodi on the make-up chair.

FOCUSED. Jodi on the make-up chair.

For Jodi, leading a busy life has taught her the importance of being physically fit and mobile. 

“Mobility is very important,” She says. “To get [from] one place to another, to get ourselves to do something, it’s important that we can handle it. We have to stay healthy and fit.”

But to juggle a lot of commitments successfully, one also needs to strike a mental balance. In Jodi’s case, she achieves this by focusing on what’s important. 

She says, “I think it’s really all about time management, and knowing your priorities. Of course, number one for me is Thirdy, and then all else follows. So that way, I know what to prioritize first and I know what will come next.”

ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE. Jodi smiles for the camera.

ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE. Jodi smiles for the camera.

Make time for your health

Despite her hectic schedule, Jodi makes time to work on her health – wherever she might happen to find it. 

She explains, “A busy lifestyle is not an excuse to be unfit and unhealthy. Saying ‘I have no time to exercise’ is also not an excuse, because even doing simple house chores, you can turn that into exercise.”

Part of having a healthy body is having strong bones, which Jodi addresses by making sure she consumes the right amount of calcium. 

“I believe that [milk is suitable] for all ages. It’s because we all have bones, and our bones need to be nourished. And I believe that taking the right milk would really supply our bones with the calcium that it needs, and of course, Vitamin D as well.”

Don’t forget yourself

While Jodi prioritizes her son’s needs, she also recognizes the importance of looking after her own wellbeing first.

“As much as possible, we want to maintain that perfect balance in our lives, right?” She says, “And our own health can’t be the first thing we neglect, because for us to be able to take care of our loved ones, we have to take care of ourselves first.”

“As mothers, don’t we want to be a part of our children’s milestones in life? And, I think for us to be able to that, for us to be able to live longer, it has to begin with healthy living and staying fit.”

Everyday shared with the ones we love is a gift for which we are very thankful :) "May the Lord, the God of your fathers, increase you a thousand times and bless you as He has promised" Deuteronomy 1:11 A photo posted by Jodi Sta.Maria (@jodistamaria) on Nov 6, 2015 at 6:47pm PST

FAMILY FIRST. Jodi prioritizes her son’s needs over her other commitments. Link from Jodi Sta. Maria’s Instagram account.

Stay the course

Jodi takes a holistic approach when it comes to her health and mobility.

“Number one,” she explains, “Nutrition is very important. Exercise is also important, and having a balanced diet. That includes of course, drinking a glass of the right milk.”

With Christmas just around the corner, the temptation to indulge can be pretty tempting. For Jodi, the fact that she actually enjoys the taste of healthy food is a big advantage during the holiday season.

“I’m not easily tempted by food like lechon, so it’s okay. It’s not really a problem. As long as I have fruits and veggies, and things like salad, I’m fine.”

Balancing your commitments while staying healthy is a constant battle. By keeping her priorities in order and living a healthy lifestyle, Jodi serves as a great example for people in their 30's and beyond. She is living proof that achieving good health and mobility, even with a busy lifestyle, is possible if you make the effort.  –

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