Roundtable: Understanding the ‘Selfie Generation’

MANILA, Philippines – Oh no, not another one, you internally wail as you scroll through endless selfie posts on your social media feeds.

Admit it. Although we’re as just as guilty of taking one too many selfies as the next person, we still find ourselves raising our eyebrows and making mocking remarks when someone – a friend, colleague, family member, even a stranger – posts selfie after selfie. Yet, if you think about it, we don’t even bother knowing why they do it most of the time.

But why are we so obsessed with taking selfies? It has become so prevalent that this generation has been identified as the Selfie Generation! And while there are those who argue that this merely is just a new form of self-expression for the millennials, there remain naysayers who claim that this is something that’s shallow and narcissistic.

But is that all there is for the selfie, just a tool for vanity? Is the Selfie Generation really all about “me?" What many do not realize is that the selfie can also be an effective tool for self-expression, for chronicling one’s journey through a visual diary, and for communication, among other things. (READ: Making a case for the selfie)

On Thursday, October 27, Rappler, in partnership with Oppo, is hosting a live roundtable on the selfie as a tool for self-expression and exploring one’s identity. Our guests will be sharing their personal and professional insights to provide a fresh perspective on the subject and prove that selfies are more than what many people believe it is.

Our guests are:

The roundtable will be moderated by Ingrid Nieto, speaker, vlogger, and video producer.

Watch the live stream of this roundtable discussion on Thursday from 2 pm onwards. If you want to comment or ask questions for any of our guests, post them on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #SelfieGeneration. –