Ways to have a life outside of work

MANILA, Philippines – Do you feel like your job has become your whole world now? Do you often just hang out with your officemates? Or if you do get to hang out with your other friends, do you just talk (or rant) about work all night long?

It looks like you need a break. But don’t quit! You just need some time away from work as soon as the official hours end. And don’t feel guilty about it. A study shows that as simple as refraining from checking your emails at night has a positive impact on your well-being. 

But do you know what’s better than just shutting off your email once the workday is over? It’s making productive use of your after office hours. Research shows that taking up a hobby leads to reduced stress, improved physical health, and more importantly: better work performance.

So, really, not working overtime doesn’t mean you are not a dedicated employee. Because if you take good care of yourself plus make sure that you have a life outside of work – it all goes back to your organization. 

Here are some ways you can start living that life:

Take online courses or lessons related to what you’re passionate about

So, you love shopping but you now want something more than just retail therapy. You want to shop with a purpose and encourage others to do the same as well. And apart from supporting small businesses that offer local and sustainable products, you want to start building your own, too. Natural, handmade, and package-free soaps, perhaps?

If you’ve been meaning to do this but don’t really know how soaps are made and have no time to attend soap-making classes either, turn to online courses or watch lessons on Youtube in between episodes of your favorite TV series.  

These are things that you don’t have to set a schedule for. You can do it on your own time – while stuck in traffic or waiting in line for the MRT.

Find and meet up with friends who share the same passion 

If doing something alone feels discouraging, what you can do is find friends who share the same passion. It will not only help motivate you to act on your plans (because someone will be nagging you if you don’t), spending time with friends also has its benefits: it helps lower stress levels, improve your mood, and encourage positive health behaviors.

Now you can’t say you’re too stressed to do anything other than eat and sleep after work, right?

So, if you guys love local music, for example, go ahead and invite your friends to gigs and concerts. And maybe someday, join open mics or even write music together. The possibilities are endless but the important thing is to start small and to start now.

Attend events that pique your interest 

If you need to know about the events happening around you, just go to Facebook and click on the events tab. You can easily find events based on your interests. Whether it’s shopping, music, film or any other field you may want to explore, you can find it there. 

San Mig Light is also coming up with an after-work movement called San Mig Light 7-2-1 (7 pm to 1 am) which aims to encourage young professionals like you to have a life outside of work.

These pocket events that will happen around Metro Manila will come in the form of open mics, special screenings, local fairs, and other creative formats to suit your interests.

So, whatever excuse you have right now, think of how much more beneficial it will be for you if you start pursuing your passions even if you have a day job. You will not just be a better performing employee, you will also be a better version of yourself. – Rappler.com

Marj Casal

Marj Casal heads the content team of BrandRap, Rappler’s sales and marketing arm. She helps create native advertising campaigns for brands like San Miguel Brewery, Shell, GCash, Grab, BDO, and more.