The best tweets from our #FriendsShare Twitter convo

MANILA, Philippines – When most people think of love, the romantic kind is what immediately comes to mind: having a significant other, cheesy theme-park dates, and so on.

But sometimes, the romantic ride comes with a big dose of drama, loneliness, or maybe even the sad memory of a break up. 

@rapplerdotcom #FriendsShare For all those single people out there, including myself, it will be Single Awareness Day. Who else is with me? — Thomas Stickney (@TomTwitch91) February 13, 2016

Fortunately, amidst all the hugot, there's always a reason to celebrate love. Plus someone to celebrate it with: your friends!

Love, after all, is not something exclusive to couples. It can also be shared with friends who have been there from the start, supporting your love life (or lack thereof) even though it can, at times, be complicated. Bad relationships come and go, but with friends, #mayforever. 

Last Feb 13, right before Valentine's Day, we turned to Twitter and asked the audience to share with us their favorite lovelife-related BFF moments. It could be shelling out words of wisdom for their forelorn companions, doing them favors (such as sharing data during times of need), or just celebrating in the name of camaraderie.

When you've got friends who will share life's ups and downs with you, everything will turn out OK. To prove that, here were the sweetest and funniest #FriendsShare answers from our convo:

Special occasions are best spent with the barkada

Will celebrate Vday with colleagues - that's romantic, for us. #FriendsShare — Sheila Mae Gomez (@shemaegomez) February 13, 2016

@rapplerdotcom we have decided to go beachin on a valentine's weekend to celebrate our friendship! #FriendsShare — Gene Delgado (@genedelgadojr) February 13, 2016

Whether it's dinner and drinks or chilling out at the beach, there are so many ways to spend any weekend or holiday with your friends. For us, it's even way better than smooching.

Friends are better than a boyfriend/girlfriend

@rapplerdotcom Just last night at the gym, my friend said, "OK lang walang ka-date. Basta andyan ang friends." #FriendsShare — Ivan Saldajeno (@IvanSaldajeno) February 13, 2016 

Spend your time having fun rather than sobbing all day long! No one will pick you up but yourself. #FriendsShare — Janessa Villamera (@janessaonair) February 13, 2016

@rapplerdotcom Will definitely go out with them, watch a movie or drink and talk about their love experience. Haha #FriendsShare — Welmar Benedicto (@benedictowelmar) February 13, 2016

Your partner, or your having a partner, is not what defines you. If you know your worth, you shouldn't settle for less. And if you're looking for some lasting love (and fun), that's what friends are for.

#FriendsShare the best words of wisdom

@rapplerdotcom #FriendsShare Don't settle for mediocrity. — Thomas Stickney (@TomTwitch91) February 13, 2016

@rapplerdotcom @rapplerdotcom always maintain your sense of individuality even if you are in a relationship. #FriendsShare — Armille Jane Arevalo (@armillejaneee) February 13, 2016

@rapplerdotcom feeling ko "hiwalayan mo na sya" lang naman ang stock love advice ko forevs #FriendsShare — Asian (@ayleeyun) February 13, 2016

The best cure for heartbreak is a dose of reality. Where would we be without the sage advice of our best friends? Who else would snap you out of your depressed slump, dust you off, and get you back on our feet? Who would prevent you from stalking our ex on social media? Or better yet, who would volunteer to stalk your ex on social media for you, spare you the anguish, and tell you all that you want or need to hear ("She went downhill since you; he's got nothing on you")? 

Yes, we can survive heartbreak on any day because we've got friends who will share its ups and downs with us. –