Get ready with work-from-home and podcast mom, Saab Magalona-Bacarro

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Saab Magalona-Bacarro is one of those celebrities whose fans have grown together with her through the years.

She’s an artist – a vocalist, a writer, a content creator – who transformed into a mother in front of our very eyes. Today, she’s the proud mother of adorable children, Pancho and Vito, and a podmom to many loyal listeners of Wake Up with Jim and Saab.

What we love so much about Saab is probably her honesty about her own experiences. She has shared some of her most vulnerable moments with her audience, and we've only seen her get stronger through this vulnerability.

Read up on how she gets ready to face her every day.

FIRST GRAB. I try so hard not to grab my phone but most days I do, especially since the quarantine when we’re all uneasy. I co-sleep with my 7-month-old so he’s usually my alarm around 5 AM. If he goes back to sleep, I grab my Nintendo Switch and play Animal Crossing for about 15 minutes before getting up.

SKINCARE ESSENTIALS. Still the same as before, I just wash my face every night after brushing my teeth. I use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate as my serum before going to bed.

PERFECT WORK FROM HOME LOOK. Cute pajamas. I’m lucky to have grown quite a collection since I’ve been staying home more than ever for the past 2 years because of breastfeeding. At least when there’s a sudden video call, I’m always ready even if I haven’t had the chance to jump in the shower haha.

BEFORE I START. I need to diffuse some Lemon or Lavender oil and have my yellow Klean Kanteen full of water before I start working.

ROUTINE REMINDERS. Honestly, I’m not in as much of a routine shock as most since I’m a work-from-home mom anyway. It’s more of adjusting to having my husband home as much as he is now. He’s used to managing his employees in his office so at the start we were butting heads because I felt like he was managing my schedule too. Haha! But we worked it out eventually.

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