INFOGRAPHIC: City driving survival guide

MANILA, Philippines – In today’s concrete landscape, there are more challenges that the modern driver faces (READ: Driving in the modern world) than before. For one, there are a higher number of cars on the road, which means more traffic jams and less space for every motorist.

There are also more people traversing major thoroughfares at a given time, which also translates to more people stuck on the road in the mornings before going to work, and in the early evening before heading home.

While driving in the city can be tricky and frustrating, an ounce of preparation can do wonders. Today’s drivers need the right kind of vehicle fitted with the right kind of features to tackle these problems head on. The last thing you need is your car conking out in the middle of an intersection. 

While alertness, awareness and common sense should always come first when you’re behind the wheel, the right kind of car can put your driving skills and knowledge to better use.

Check out the infographic below to learn about a few tools that can help you survive your city drive. –