Long live coffee

MANILA, Philippines – Guiel Albiola grew up surrounded by coffee.

He comes from a family of coffee traders. His grandfather started a company called MCM Golden Bean, which was passed on to Guiel’s parents.

“The bodega where they [my grandfather and father] used to store the coffee beans was right beside our house,” the 31-year-old shares. “Sometimes my cousins, with my brother and I, would get the left over coffee beans on the ground, weigh what we have and we would go to my grandfather and sell it to him.”

Their playtime ritual has now become their actual livelihood, as Guiel and his younger brother Niño are now in charge of the family business.


As the global demand of coffee increases, young coffee traders and farmers must be encouraged to embrace the mission of keeping the industry alive.

Despite the challenges looming ahead, Guiel will not give up on his business that he and his family built.

“I can still forsee lots of big opportunities to follow in our line of business, particularly coffee farming," he says.

Guiel hopes to push other young entrepreneurs to keep the coffee industry alive – if not make it better.

“Coffee will always be a part of our everyday. Every morning, when it’s cold, every night – we look for coffee,” he says.

He hopes that his story can inspire others to become agri-preneurs just like him. – Rappler.com