Is your pickup ready for a long road trip?

MANILA, Philippines – Road trips. A lot of people begin to crave for them after an intensely busy week, or a month of doing the same old stuff. It’s always a crowd-pleaser because it’s not as expensive as flying out of town, where you risk being delayed for hours and endure long lines, plus, you get some downtime with your friends, enjoy natural scenery and a breath of fresh air.

Like any other road trip, especially for the long Christmas holiday break, preparation is key to having a good time. Sunny days aren’t always guaranteed; you might encounter unexpected roadblocks and detours, and there might be heavy traffic in some areas.

A lot of times, we Filipinos also have a tendency to bring everything but the kitchen sink to feel ready and comfortable while on vacation. So to make your road trip less of a hassle before you even get to your destination, make sure that your vehicle is also prepared for the trip.

Overheating and flat tires are just some of the car troubles you may run into while on the road, so make sure to have your car checked.

A pickup truck is a great vehicle for road trip adventures that involve bulky equipment like mountain bikes, surfboards, golf equipment or the family cooler, so make sure it’s as ready to go as you are. It’s one thing to get stuck in traffic, but having your vehicle conk out in between towns is another story. That’s something that could’ve been avoided from the very beginning.

Here are some of the essentials on preparing for a road trip with friends and family. We’ve got you covered from packing, to planning your itinerary and making sure your pickup is in shape for more adventures and thrilling rides in the future.

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