How you can cop that summer-ready glow


MANILA, Philippines — Summer — it’s the time for relaxation, but for beach lovers and the Instagram-obsessed, months of preparation are involved. They flock to gyms in pursuit of that #summerbod.

But hold up: don’t you want to be selfie-ready too, sans the filters?

Aside from slathering sunblock on, summer skin care isn’t a priority for most. However, you also need to give your skin some extra loving before you catch some rays.

You’re exposed to harsh elements this summer, so don’t slack on skin care! Here’s how you can soothe and prep the skin after a day out in the sun.


The additional oil your skin produces in the summer can clog pores. Exfoliate to get rid of that layer of grease and grime off your face, but don’t overdo it, particularly if you’re going to be very active outdoors.

Limit exfoliation to once a week. If you prefer cleansing tools over facial scrubs, use a tool that’s gentle but effective. Pair with a cleanser that won’t dry the skin out.


It’s easy to think you can skimp on the moisturizer when you’re sweating buckets. However, without the needed hydration, your oil glands will go into overdrive trying to produce more moisture.

Heat and wind can also trigger rosacea, dryness, and irritation. Soothe your skin by applying moisturizer. 

Save your thick moisturizers for the colder months and pick one that’s oil-free and fast-absorbing this summer.

If you have dry skin, you can also apply serum before moisturizer, for added benefits such as brightening and smoothening.

Makeup base

Who wants to meticulously apply foundation when sweat will render the effort useless anyway?

When you’ve got your skincare down pat, you can let your skin breathe. Ditch your heavy foundations in favor of a lightweight BB or CC cream, which offers sheer coverage and correct redness and sallowness.

Bonus: you can easily ace your base with your fingertips — no need to lug your makeup brushes along!

Confidence in your own skin

To complement your skincare routine, make sure you also sleep properly and eat healthy.

Having self-confidence is the last and most important step — it will give you the glow that no other skincare regimen can. Are you ready to get your glow on this summer? —

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