What does it take to build a strong foundation for your child?

MANILA, Philippines – Documenting a child’s many “firsts” is something most parents love to do. The first step, first day of school, and first graduation are milestones that can make any parent teary eyed as they look back on them.

Soon enough, your child will grow and mature, trading beloved stuffed toys with friends, gadgets, and nights out. It’s a reminder to relish every moment and to take the time out to build a strong foundation of health for your child.

Don’t forget as well that the best lessons are often picked up directly from what they see in you. You are your children’s role model, so maintain a healthy and holistic lifestyle as well.

How do you establish a good foundation for your child? What tips do you have in keeping a child healthy? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter this coming Sunday, November 29 at 11 am and use the hashtag #StrongFoundation. – Rappler.com