Your concert survival kit


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MANILA, Philippines – It’s official: attending concerts is good for you.

But we’re not just talking about the euphoric high that only seeing your favorite musicians perform live can give you.

One study released in March found that going to live music gigs “once in a fortnight” – that’s once every two weeks – could actually extend life expectancy to a whopping 9 years “due to its power to positively impact wellbeing”!

If you ever needed an excuse to go to all those concerts, then this should be it.

But make sure you make the most out of your experience by coming prepared. Below, we made a checklist of things to bring to a concert:

A small body bag

More often than not you’ll be discouraged from bringing bulky shoulder bags and knapsacks both as a safety measure and for convenience. Body bags are ideal for hands-free movement. Bring only your necessities and never, ever forget your ticket!

An all-in-one organizer

It would be wise to leave your wallet and all the cards and important IDs in it at home. Instead, pack a slim organizer where you can store your cash, an ID, and ticket.

A power bank

At concerts, your smartphone would be your go-to item – from taking videos and photos and proclaiming your love for oppa through pseudo-digital LED banner apps, to communicating with friends and fellow fans for meet-ups and booking rides to and from the venue. A handy power bank ensures your phone is juiced up throughout the day (and night).

A compact camera

Unless you’re an official photographer covering the concert, you won’t be allowed to bring a professional DSLR inside the venue. Your smartphone camera is usually enough but if you really, really must (and only if the concert organizers allow it), a compact digital camera would suffice.

A fan

Avoid overheating under the infamous Manila weather! Bring a small fan to keep you cool in the queue and while you wait for the show to start.

That’s all! The rule of thumb is to bring only the bare necessities with you – it’s for your own good and comfort, anyway. And remember to have fun! –