Cool geeky items you could find on Lazada

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MANILA, Philippines — Gone are the days when nerdom was frowned upon. With Marvel and Star Wars dominating the box office, and with dragons and androids having been on TV for years, the pop culture that once got kids stuffed in lockers are now the ones that are getting newer generations to be hailed as “cool.”

Finding the geek merch for you may not always be easy though. We love wearing our fandom, but just to get our hands on the right items may require us to scour random corners of malls and conventions.

Well, we got you covered. No need to leave your couch this time. Here are some nerdy, quirky, items that you can have delivered right at your doorstep.

Star Wars Phone Cases


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away? Nah, you can get these cool Star Wars cases right here, right now.

The Apple online store has 19 different Star Wars designs you can choose from, ranging from the original trilogy to new favorites like Poe and Rey.

Marvel Shirts


Ant-Man and the Wasp comes out in July, is your post-Infinity War body ready?

Got issues? (pun intended) How about other heroes like Deadpool, Spider-Man, and the Black Panther? We got you covered!

Geek Bags


From the island of Themyscira to the forest moon of Endor, carry your things in style too cool for this world.

Office Supplies


Office blues getting you down? Add a dash of personality to your workstation.

 Organize while reveling in ‘90s nostalgia, build a mini-city in between sips of coffee, reconnect with your favorite Pugad Baboy characters!

Home Geekery


Sometimes, all your body needs is to get indoors ASAP, take off those stiff office shoes, and slip onto those cute comic book-y slippers. (What?)

Home is a little cozier when every part makes you feel like you. Express your true nerd self from the kitchen to the bedroom with these items.

With all these fun stuff at the tip of your fingers, isn’t it a great time to be a geek? -