3 quick ways to up your mobile photography game

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MANILA, Philippines – Photography is becoming more and more accessible every day, thanks to smartphones equipped with outstanding specs that rival those of most professional cameras.

Forget what naysayers say. Mobile photography is definitely not for the amateur and the lazy, or for those just “doing it for the ‘gram” and to gain more followers. Mobile photographers have been proving that they, too, can take photos that are as good – if not better – than your average DSLR-taken ones.

A popular photography quote that goes “It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer” rings true in mobile photography. You may have the most high-tech DSLR out there but if you have no idea how to maximize your equipment, or you don’t even take the time to get to know the basics, then it’s all useless.

Have a look at these tips that you can easily follow for better mobile photography. 

Experiment with everyday objects to create artsy effects

Lay off your go-to post-processing app for a second and discover the wonderful world of creating effects the old-school way. You don’t even need to spend a lot on these – plus, it’s fun!

Just grab a pair of sunglasses – perhaps a regular pair for a sepia effect or a rose-colored one for a soft pink look – or a piece of cellophane and put it in front of the lens for a quick wash of color.

You can even pick up a small triangular prism to make creative, light bending effects, too! 

Use different lenses for different purposes

Who says switching lenses is for DSLRs only? Mobile photography has become such a big thing that we now have lenses specially developed for smartphone use!

So if you’d like to take extreme close-ups of leaves or your skin, wacky fisheye portraits with your friends, or zoomed-in shots during a concert or even sporting event in your regular photography, you’re going to need to use the appropriate lens in your arsenal.

Get a monopod or tripod for perfect stills

Mobile photography doesn’t always mean you’re shooting on the fly or from the hip, as in with street photography. For photos that need a more serious setup and a stable hand – as with portraits and landscape photos – use either a monopod or a tripod.

So if you’re really serious about improving your craft, then you might want to consider investing in these tools. Of course, don’t forget to brush up on your skills by constantly checking out tips dished out by the pros, too!

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