#ClimateActionPH: Why forests are a crucial weapon

MANILA, Philippines – Why do people immediately think of trees when speaking of climate change? Because trees, besides their intrinsic value, serve many functions to keep the integrity of an ecosystem. 

Planting trees reduces carbon dioxide, a type of greenhouse gas that causes climate change. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air as one of the raw materials for photosynthesis.

It’s not just trees, however: plants such as grass, shrubs, vines, and moss – which are found in forests – store carbon. That makes forests great, essential carbon sinks because they absorb more than what they emit.

On the other hand, when forests are cleared to convert land into another use – or what we call deforestation – carbon absorption ceases and the carbon stored in trees and plants is released into the atmosphere. 

Find out more about forests and their role in mitigating climate change in the infographic below. – Rappler.com