What you can really do with Nokia 8’s Dual-Sight feature

MANILA, Philippines – Nokia’s newest flagship smartphone, the Nokia 8, is a live video streamer’s dream.

Out of all its nifty features, the exclusive Dual-Sight mode is easily a standout as it allows simultaneous front and back photo and video capture with its 13MP front and rear ZEISS lenses – a first for mobile phones.

Can’t decide whether to take a photo of yourself or that interesting location you’ve stumbled upon? With Dual-Sight, you can do both in one click.

By creating “new” places

Be the master of your own universe! Compose diptychs that give the impression of building new places through different angles and perspectives with the Nokia 8.

Tips and takeaways

All in all, shooting with the Nokia 8 on Dual-Sight mode with the goal of going beyond selfies and streaming is a bit of a challenge. With the front and rear cameras working at the same time, you have to be extra mindful that both frames are aligned, framed exactly the way you want, are not over or underexposed, and, in the case of non-selfies, you are out of the frame.

Otherwise, you’ll end up having photos that look like these:

Overexposed (left, rear camera) and underexposed (right, front camera) frames
Misaligned frames (left, rear u2013 right, front)

But at the same time these restrictions, if you will, actually add to the fun of working with this feature because they get your creative juices flowing.

Getting two frames in one go means there are way more possibilities when it comes to the kind of photos that you’ll take – from images that tell stories in themselves and composite portraits, slice-of-life scenes and extended groupfies, and more!

Are you a Nokia 8 user? How do you use the Dual-Sight feature in your everyday photography? Sound off in the comments with your own tips and ideas! – Rappler.com

All photos in this article taken with the Nokia 8 by Jules Matabuena/Rappler.