Why these photographers choose this battery brand over others

MANILA, Philippines – Photography – both as a hobby and a profession – doesn’t come cheap. Photographers invest not just on the camera itself but on the multitude of accessories that come with it. This includes the lens, flash, tripod, trigger, filters, and more that sometimes cost as much as a camera body. 

This is why they also choose premium and heavy-duty tools like camera bags to protect the lens and other expensive items as well as the batteries that they use to power the flash and trigger to name a few.

And photographers are very particular about batteries. We asked some of them to share with us what they look for in a battery and why these qualities are important.

It should be able to last through a shoot

“I’ve tried using batteries that ran out of power midway through the shoot, wasting the client’s time,” said Ian Handog, freelance events photographer. 

Losing batteries in the middle of a shoot is one of the things that a photographer wouldn’t wish even on their competitors. It breaks the momentum of both the subject and the shooter. Studios and other suppliers are also usually paid by the hour, so any moment wasted will cost the client. 

If you want the client to put in a good word for you and more importantly, get commissioned for another project in the future, this is something you should avoid by simply using premium batteries.  

It should be safe enough for my gear 

“I don’t really trust cheap, generic batteries because I’ll never know when it might backfire on me,” said Alecs Ongcal, Rappler photojournalist. “I’ve invested a lot on my gear and of course, it deserves the best treatment and accessories, too.” 

It might be tempting to settle with cheaper batteries for quick shoots to save money. But it might actually cost you more in the long run when they end up damaging your gear. Repairs are more expensive and time-consuming than buying high-quality batteries. 

It should be able to keep up with me

“[It’s important to be equipped with long-lasting batteries] so you don't need to think about it when capturing unexpected events during a shoot, especially if you're a photojournalist or an events photographer,” said Kevin Baybay, events photographer. 

Unlike those set in a studio, some shoots require photographers to be on-the-go. They also have to be always on or else they might miss an important moment. The last thing they would want to do in the middle of an important part of an event is to replace dead batteries.

The photographers’ brand of choice

For these photographers, Energizer batteries meet all of these requirements. It’s reliable and helps them save in the long run because they don’t always have to buy extra. 

“Energizer lasts longer than most brands,” added Ian. 

Photographers can go for Energizer Max which has been proven to last longer than other batteries. They can also opt for the more powerful Energizer Max Plus or Energizer Lithium for more demanding shoots. – Rappler.com

Energizer Max, Energizer Max Plus, and Energizer Lithium and other Energizer specialty batteries are available at all leading hardware, supermarket, and convenience stores nationwide. To learn more about Energizer batteries, visit https://www.facebook.com/EnergizerPH/.



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