DOH, UNICEF launch animation contest for 'Goodbye, Dumi! Hello, Healthy!' campaign

This is a press release from the Department of Health.

The Department of Health (DOH) and UNICEF Philippines are launching an animation contest for their "Goodbye, Dumi! Hello, Healthy!" campaign.

An award-winning communication campaign, "Goodbye, Dumi! Hello, Healthy!" (GDHH) is developed by the DOH and UNICEF Philippines through implementing partner Center for Health Solutions and Innovations. The campaign is composed of various communication tools and strategies focusing on the core messages of always using the toilet and washing hands with soap during critical times. GDHH also makes use of creative and fun communication activities, such as community theater and health classes.

The GDHH campaign also includes a community play which is rolled out in selected local government units where open defecation is still practiced. The play encourages people to stop the practice of open defecation.

An animated version of this play will be produced and will be distributed to all schools around the country and used for community meetings and other advocacy purposes to support DOH's Zero Open Defecation Program. Having an animated version would enable a larger reach – encompassing both online and offline platforms.

The original play runs for 40 minutes. In the animated version, the storyline shall be compressed to 3 to 5 minutes.  

Music and storyline would be provided. However, the artists have the freedom to choose an excerpt of the story, including which characters from the story to use, to fit the 3 to 5 minute limit, focusing on the following main messages: 1) stop the practice of open defecation, including the unsafe disposal of diapers in the open; and 2) practice handwashing with soap after using the toilet.  

Original music, play script, and a live recording of the play, where voiceovers can be extracted, can be downloaded here:


Winners shall receive the following:

Winning entries will be showcased during the World Toilet Day celebration at the DOH.

The DOH and UNICEF shall shoulder airfare and accommodation of the winners.


Health Promotion and Communication Service
2nd Floor, Building 18
Department of Health
San Lazaro Compound, Sta. Cruz, Manila 

Alternatively, the scanned forms and a Dropbox/Google Drive link to the animation video can also be sent to



All entries submitted for the competition will be the property of the DOH and UNICEF. By submitting your work, the animators are giving the DOH and UNICEF the right to use the animation and any element of the material to be distributed as part of the "Goodbye, Dumi! Hello, Healthy!" health education and promotion campaign to support the DOH's Zero Open Defecation Program and implementation of the Philippine Approach to Sustainable Sanitation Policy. Rest assured that proper acknowledgements will remain attributed to the animators.


By entering this competition, applicants signify their willingness to abide by these rules and guidelines. Any issues not clarified by these regulations shall be adjudicated by the DOH and UNICEF technical working group.

For more information about the contest, visit the DOH website here.

The GDHH campaign has been designed to emphasize to communities the message of stopping the practice of open defecation, emphasizing the health risks and dangers it entails.

In the Philippines, 4.5% of Filipinos still do not have toilets and are most likely practicing open defecation, while another 24% use unimproved sanitation facilities. This translates to an estimated 28 million Filipinos whose practices pose a serious threat to the population in terms of health, nutrition, protection, education, environment, and productivity. –