Libro, hindi bala: Fundraising book sale to be held for peasant children

This is a press release.

On June 17, 7 PM at Catch 727 in Quezon City, Libro, Hindi Bala! will be held for the children of Eastern Visayas farmers. Proceeds will be donated to peasant school children affected by the intensifying militarization of their communities. Donations are also welcome.

The ravaging of land is leaving children of farmers with even fewer options in their pursuit of a better life. As it is, farmers, fisherfolk, and children already make up the country’s poorest basic sectors, a situation that is aggravated by a stagnant land reform program, corruption in the government, and increasing state violence towards civilians. Children of farmers become vulnerable to trafficking and prostitution, as well as to child labor in other industries.

Peasant groups have been persistent in asserting their rights to food and land and in seeking dialogue with the government, which has yet to respond properly to the people’s clamor. In the meantime, organizations are coming together to help ease the suffering of fellow farmers in other parts of the country.

Libro, Hindi Bala! is held in partnership with the Amihan National Federation of Peasant Women, Sama-samang Artista para sa Kilusang Agraryo, BUFFALO-TAMARAW-LIMUS, the Northern Samar Small Farmers Association and Gantala Press. - Release