Umalohokan, Inc. presents 38th annual Isko't Iska

LOS BAÑOS, Philippines - Isko't Iska 2015, Strings of Deceit: The REBELation will be shown for free at the University of the Philippines – Los Baños D.L. Umali Auditorium from November 10-12, 7pm.

Set in 2050, Isko enters UPLB to help Pegaraw, his stepfather and the resident psychiatrist in the university, to inform the student body about the alarming increase of mentally unstable patients in the rehabilitation center.

Together with his best friend, Oble, heir of CamCam, Co., Isko experiences world-class facilities, the “plu-plu” technology, 5-star establishments in the Student Union Hub, the struggle in the university coop, and the Reserved Officers Training Course headed by Lt. Col. Mary Bollard (Mariang Banga). It is now up to Iska and Tao to reveal the injustices behind the system. (Watch the trailer here).

Isko’t Iska is an annual theater production headed by Umalohokan, Inc., a UPLB socio-cultural organization, copresented by the UPLB University Student Council and the UPLB Writers' Club. Isko’t Iska features an all-freshman student ensemble that continuously fights for the right of the masses.

By utilizing the diverse aspects of art, the play delivers a great way to increase awareness of the issues inside and outside the university. Isko’t Iska shows the condition and the issues of the University of the Philippines (UP) system as well as that of the whole nation. The play, aside from portraying social issues and educating the Filipino youth, mirrors the lives of different UP students (commonly known as Isko/Iska).- 

For inquiries, please contact Stephan Pablo (0917 713 3491). Important announcements and activities are also posted on Umalohokan, Inc’s official Facebook page.