[Executive Edge] Klaseko pushes for online school enrollment

The Klaseko team, which in addition to Valencia is led by Monique Granada Morales (chief marketing officer) and Mannix Chong (chief technology officer), is clearly an ambitious one. Their battle cry is 300 in 3, which Valencia said represents their goal to reach P300 million ($6.76 million) in revenue in 3 years.

They certainly have the market opportunity to reach that milestone. Most people would agree that there is something fundamentally broken about the enrollment process in the Philippines, and Klaseko, even in its earliest incarnation, looks more than ready to address this issue.

That the team came together when they did, made the product as fast as they could, and stand on the brink of an open market seems incredibly opportune. Morales calls this “cosmic alignment.”

Valencia, for his part, calls what led to this moment a “successful failure,” which is an idea that more aspiring entrepreneurs could benefit from embracing.

The ultimate goal of Klaseko is to help educators focus on their core skill. “If we can improve access to education and let schools focus on their core business, which is teaching, then our vision would have been fulfilled,” Valencia said. – Rappler.com

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