PLDT, Globe reduce interconnection voice calls to P2.50

Cordoba said the MOU will serve as a guide to amend previous interconnection agreements.

"This is just the first step. It wouldn't stop with voice. It will continue with text, Internet. We will lower the prices," Cordoba promised during the ceremony.

A 'challenge' in voice revenues

For PLDT, the lowered interconnection rates would reflect a 40% drop in interconnection charges. 

"Yes, the voice business is a challenge. This actually lowers the revenue that we generate from voice. Rate introduction reflected many quarters ago. The market reality is competition and market demands bringing pricing down. This is actually regulation chasing market condition," PLDT chief revenue officer Eric Alberto said during the event.

He noted that the PLDT Group has actually been bringing down voice call rates through bundled services, especially in its mobile services – Smart, Sun, and TNT.

For Globe, the new rates mean a 38% reduction in charges.

"For many years now, Globe has been strongly advocating the rationalization of interconnect access charge between the two telcos. We are confident that a reduction in the cost of interconnection for voice calls will eventually redound to a more robust economy, providing our customers with an affordable and easily accessible way of communication," Globe chief technology and information officer Gil Genio said.

The reduction of interconnection rates will not affect intra calls (Globe-to-Globe and PLDT-to-PLDT), as these are not subject to interconnection charges and are already offered to consumers on an unlimited basis. International calls will likewise not be covered. –