Rappler Talk: How do we train Filipinos to be entrepreneurs

The path to success in the Philippines is generally very linear: One is supposed to go to college, find a good job, and build a career there.

Filipina entrepreneur Andy Rapista wants to create a new path for Filipinos, particularly for those who want to pursue entrepreneurship. After leaving college because she felt it wasn’t providing her with enough real world experience, she joined Watson Institute and eventually brought it to the Philippines as its co-founder and executive director.

Watson Institute Philippines is a two-month accelerator course for Filipino youth who aspire to become entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs. The curriculum is markedly different from what you would get in a traditional classroom, focusing as it does on personal development and business skills.

Her efforts are commendable for they point to two bigger questions: Why does Filipino culture push Filipinos toward employment rather than entrepreneurship? And more importantly: What can we actively do to change that? – Rappler.com