5 things you should know about the new Powerpuff Girl

SQUAD GOALS. The Powerpuff Girls trio becomes a quartet with the addition of a new member, Bliss. Photo from Facebook.com/CartoonNetwork

SQUAD GOALS. The Powerpuff Girls trio becomes a quartet with the addition of a new member, Bliss. Photo from Facebook.


MANILA, Philippines – Cartoon Network has finally revealed the new Powerpuff Girl, and as we guessed, she is the brown-skinned, aqua-haired girl spotted in a random YouTube video. While her arrival hasn’t been well-received across the board – some fans are excited to see a fresh face, while others think she’s an unnecessary addition to a well-loved trio – if Cartoon Network’s hype efforts are any indication, it doesn’t look like Bliss will be going anywhere anytime soon.

With all the official welcomes (including Bliss merch!) the new girl in Townsville will probably get more screen time than the original 4th Powerpuff Girl, Bunny, who died heroically in the same episode she was created (RIP). So before you write Bliss off, here are 5 things you need to know about the newest member of the squad:

“Bliss” is short for “Blisstina”

A play on “Christina,” her full name is Blisstina Utonium.

She’s Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup’s big sister


Professor Utonium made Bliss way before he made the trio (“10 years ago” to be exact), to compete with a Professor Newtronium, who had just made the perfect little boy. According to Screen Rant, Bliss – who is by now a teenager – has trouble controlling her emotions, and a tantrum resulting in an explosion was what led Professor Utonium to believe she was gone all those years ago.

She’s made of sugar, spice, everything nice – and chemical W

While Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup got their powers from chemical X, Bliss was made with chemical W – which may be the cause of her emotional instability. Like her sisters though, she also has the power of flight, telekinesis, teleportation, and super strength.

She was best friends with known Powerpuff Girl enemy Mojo Jojo

Before he became the loquacious villain we know today, Mojo Jojo was actually Professor Utonium’s adorable lab assistant – which is how he and Bliss became best friends, according to Screen Rant. We would LOVE to see a Mojo-Bliss reunion in the future.

Various actresses from around the world will be voicing Bliss

Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four will be shown around the world, and 5 actresses will be playing Bliss in different regions. According to CNet, South African singer Toya Delazy will be voicing Bliss for US audiences, while YouTube star Wengie will play Bliss for viewers in Australia and New Zealand.

Filipino viewers can get to know more about Bliss – including her full backstory – by tuning in to Cartoon Network on September 23 at 10:45 am. – Rappler.com