Anne Curtis' advice for those dealing with depression: Don't be ashamed, seek help

MANILA, Philippines – Anne Curtis urged those battling depression and anxiety to seek help, as the actress said that she too has had her share of depression and anxiety. 

"I think it's really important to not keep it to yourself. You seek help. You seek help from your friends. Don't be ashamed. You seek help from your family, from people who love you. You can even seek professional help if you feel uncomfortable talking to family members and friends about it, but the most important thing is to seek help," she said at the press conference for her concert AnneKulit  last Saturday, August 4.

The actress, who's at the height of her showbiz career, said the attention she got – especially from media – made things even more difficult. 

"I had my fair share of depression and anxiety," she said. "A lot has to do with, in fact, the press, and having the stress of press when I was going through something very, very tough."

She said there came a point where she did not want to face people anymore. But with the right support and people around her, she managed to turn things around.

"But I think when you have the perfect support team around you and you don't let it eat you up inside, you'll be able to get through it."

Anne, one of the most-followed actresses on social media, said that she kept away from social media for a while. "I didn't open my social media for about a month or two. I blocked everything out," she said.

Anne, who first rose to fame as a child star, recently topbilled the acclaimed action flick BuyBust, which is still showing in theaters. –