Sam Concepcion gets bolder

 SEXY PICTORIAL. Sam's way of saying he has grown up. Photo courtesy of Carlo Orosa

MANILA, Philippines - Kapamilya singer-actor Sam Concepcion is taking steps that his fans may find a bit shocking, as he goes daring in his latest pictorial for the clothing brand Bench.

Sam, a mainstay of "ASAP18," agreed to be photographed topless. He had been working out for 18 months now and the move to go sexy was also his way of saying that he has grown up. 

Sam was 13 when he entered showbiz via the contest “Little Big Star,” where he emerged the grand-prize winner.

Many of his fans still look to Sam, who turns 21 on October 17, as the sweet young boy who captured their hearts with his excellent singing.

“Some of my fans seem stuck with the idea that I am still young,” Sam said during a recent interview. “So doing this sexy pictorial is my way of telling them that I am [moving toward] a more mature Sam.”

Sam said his choices are now broader when it comes to acting.

Last year he did the musical comedy, “I Do Bidoo Bidoo,” where he played a young father after getting pregnant his girlfriend, portrayed by Tippy Dos Santos.

Sam says of this role, “I won’t be able to portray [it] convincingly if I were still a teenager.”

Sam and Tippy have had another successful collaboration at the recent Philpop Music Festival, performing the grand-prize winning song, “Dati,” by Thyro Alfraro and Yumi Lacsamana.

What are his thoughts about being a twentysomething?

“I’m excited about turning 21 but at the same time kind of scared. 21 is the time when life starts. So that’s time I need to think of my life here in showbiz, my career.

"When I was younger, other people were handling my career. I have my managers who take care of it. I was just basically doing what they tell me to do. 

“But now, I want to be involved in the direction my career would take. I would like to be more hands on and to make my own decisions.”

Improving his craft

Sam intends to pursue what he thinks would help him grow as an actor and as a singer.

“Any decision I make will be anchored on how it would help my [development]. I want to do more movies and also a TV series because that would help me improve my craft.”

Is going sexy part of that plan or is it mere reinvention?

“Hindi naman sa kailangan pero pwede na.” (Not that it’s needed but it will do.)

“I couldn’t do it when I was younger. I knew my fans would be taken by surprise. Pero topless lang naman ako [But I'm just appearing topless], just showing my torso.

"Even those whom I’ve worked with before, baka magulat din pero maging sila nag-mature na rin [even they might be surprised, although they have also matured]."

What are his plans for his birthday?

Sam said he might just spend this special occasion with his family. 

“[But I feel like] I want to spend my birthday in Las Vegas. I might go to a casino and there’s no need for me to show an ID,” he said, smiling. -