WATCH: Chris Evans, Elizabeth Olsen in 'Ellen' dance-off with 'Single Ladies,' 'Thriller' and more

MANILA, Philippines – When Captain America: Civil War stars Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, crazy and hilarious things went on – including a dance-off for a good cause, raising money for Chris' chosen charity, Christopher's Haven. Their game is called "Last Dance," like "Hot Potato, but with dancing." (WATCH: Chris Evans pranks Elizabeth Olsen, then both get pranked by Ellen)

Ellen explains that the dances each of them have to do are flashed onscreen. "The quicker you impress me and I think that you’re doing that dance, the quicker I press the button, but you have to freeze exactly in whatever position you’re in," she says. (READ: 'Captain America: Civil War': 15 awesome fun facts)

Elizabeth does an Irish jig, salsa, shimmy, Can-can, twerk, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" choreography, disco moves, and "The Robot." (READ: 'Captain America' bromance: Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie on Cap's 'greatest love')

Meanwhile, Chris does a ballet, "Running Man," lap dance, Russian dance, belly dance, but he slays doing Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" choreography, Madonna's "Vogue" moves, and Michael Jackson's famous Moonwalk. (WATCH: Here's #TeamCap's answer to #TeamIronMan's Eiffel Tower stunt)

Who wins? Find out in the video above and let us know what you think in the comments. –