WATCH: Chris Evans gets a ton of ice-cold water poured down his pants

MANILA, Philippines – Captain America spent 7 decades frozen in suspended animation. Now, Jimmy Fallon gets to see how much Chris Evans, the Captain America: Civil War star himself, can endure freezing temperatures – if he loses in a crazy game.

In a twist on Blackjack called "Frozen Blackjack," the loser of each round gets a pitcher of ice-cold water poured into his pants. As one with a penchant for crazy pranks, Chris himself introduces the hilarious variation on the card game.

Chris draws first blood in the first round, and down goes Jimmy's zipper. "I hate this game," Jimmy proclaims.

In the second round, Chris gets a taste of the cruel consequences of his funny scheme.

Come the final round, Chris loses again, and gets drenched with a whole huge jug of icy water.

Do you think Chris's game is a good idea? Would you ever play "Frozen Blackjack?" Let us know in the comments. –