Cornerstone manager explains viral photo of Catriona Gray, Sam Milby

MANILA, Philippines – Cornerstone Entertainment Inc president and manager Erickson Raymundo issued a statement about his talent Sam Milby and Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, after photos and a video of the two were posted on social media.

According to a report from Pep, the said photos and video were taken in an undisclosed place. Catriona, who was wearing a face mask, was with her father Ian Gray and was seen with Sam. The said photos and videos were picked up by online gossip sites and people have attached meaning to them.

In the statement released through Pep, Erickson clarified that the meeting of the two was "coincidental." He also said that the photos and video were taken at his farm in Tanay. Rizal. Both Catriona and her family and Sam were among those invited to the place.

"During a very brief break from her stay here in Manila I invited Ms. Catriona Gray and her family to visit our farm in Tanay as I have promised them even before the Miss Universe Pageant," Erickson said.

"I also invited one of my talents, Sam Milby, on the same day since it happened to fall on his free day from shooting so he can see personally the gift I gave him from the farm early on as a Christmas gift. I also invited other friends."

Erickson said people should not put any meaning to the photo because Sam and Catriona are also acquaintances and attend the same church and bible study group.

Aside from clarifying the issue, Erickson also said that the beauty queen's visit was also his treat to Catriona before she left for New York. He also confirmed that Cornerstone is helping Catriona with her music career, having released her song, "We're In This Together," last December.

Although Catriona is now under IMG and the Miss Universe organization, Erickson said that Cornerstone will handle local inquiries about the Filipino-Australian titleholder.

Catriona is set to do her round of media interviews in New York starting Monday, January 7, New York time, kicking off with an appearance in Live with Kelly and Ryan show. –