5 things 'Cosmo 69' hunks were hiding in their pants at bachelor bash

MANILA, Philippines – The Cosmo Tower 69 party had men walking onstage in various states of undress – from merely shirtless to some in tiny, tiny briefs. But this year's highlights also included several surprises that some enterprising hunks had down their pants. (IN PHOTOS:'Boyfriend buffet' at Cosmo bachelor bash 2014)

With last year’s theme being Cosmo University, the hunks featured in this year’s CosmoMen supplement have graduated in 2014 to work at Tower 69, the office where dull moments number exactly zero.

Even the members of the "executive board" of Cosmo 69 had their moments, with one showing his romantic side, while another showed gave a sexy giveaway.

Here are some of the surprises the guys were hiding in their pants. 

1. John James Uy and his snake 

Model John James Uy fished a little something right out of his pants and later showed a snake to the crowd. Whether it was alive or a toy (we don't think anyone would want a real snake down such a sensitive area!), the crowd pretty much lost it.

By the way, the snake was later seen around his neck during the curtain call.

2. Gerard Garcia's 3 roses

"Chief creative officer" and Cosmo Centerfold Gerard Garcia showed his romantic side when he walked on stage pulled out not one, not two, but 3 long roses out of his pants, which he rather sweetly gave away – but not before waving it triumphantly in the air. 

3. The great bra giveaway from Joseph Marco 

The minute he turned from his chair, "Chief compliance officer"Joseph Marco captured the hearts of netizens and lucky audience members everywhere. He was secretly packing a sexy giveaway in the form of a bra with his name emblazoned on the chest area. 

4. Pancho Magno's blowout surprise 

“Director of engineering" Pancho Magno initially had a number of surprises for the audience. But what got everyone's attention was when he put his hands inside his shorts, only to reveal confetti which he blew to the crowd. 

5. Daniel Velasco and his candy bar 

Sweet. That is the word to describe Daniel Velasco as he walked on stage. The "chief medical officer" made the ladies swoon as he gave away a chocolate bar, fresh from his undies. Yay or nay? (READ: Exploring 'Tower 69': 12 Cosmo hunks to watch for)

Honorable mention: Markki Stroem 

Markki Stroem's props were too large to fit in his trousers, so technically, he doesn't belong on the list – but his antics onstage were definitely worth mentioning. He walked out onto the runway with a tool resembling a fire extinguisher strapped on, then later straddled it as it blew out a strong gust of air. 

Do you have any favorite moment from the boys on stage? List them down below. – Rappler.com