Here's why Daniel Padilla challenged Paul Salas to a basketball game

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED)– Daniel Padilla and Paul Salas' online exchange about their upcoming basketball game has had fans buzzing – but what started the basketball challenge in the first place?

The two actors were part of the Star Magic All Star Games on Sunday, August 13, where tensions rose when JC de Vera fouled Daniel in the 3rd quarter of a basketball game.

On Twitter, a social media user posted a screenshot of a Facebook post where it appears Paul threw shade at Daniel regarding the foul and Daniel's performance during the game.

The comment from Paul read, "Hahahahaha. Curry na Curry ba?" referring to Stephen Curry, one of today's most popular NBA players and one of Daniel's favorites.

Tsk tsk paul salas & friends ingat kayo mga besh hahahahahahahahhahaha — sash (@ategirlnikuya) August 13, 2017

The tweet made the rounds online, and eventually reached some of the actors on Daniel's All Star Games teammates, Marco Gumabao, Pat Sugui, and Anjo Damiles.

On Tuesday, August 15, Marco tweeted that he was up for a 5 on 5 game and asked Paul Salas if he was too. Anjo and Pat also asked if they could join in. 

Hahahahaha ano to  game naman ako 5 on 5.. ikaw ba bro @patsugui? Kayo @PaulAndreSalas? — Marco Gumabao (@marcogumabao) August 15, 2017


Sobra naman yon @marcogumabao @patsugui — anjo damiles (@Itsanjodamiles) August 15, 2017


@marcogumabao @patsugui sali ako pwede? — anjo damiles (@Itsanjodamiles) August 15, 2017 


Ano game na? @imdanielpadilla @marcogumabao @Itsanjodamiles — Patrick Louie Sugui (@patsugui) August 15, 2017


Daniel then posted: "Seryoso ba tong mga 'to, tol?'...[Paul Andre Salas], ano? Sagot." (Are these guys serious? ...[Paul Andre Salas], what? Answer.)

Seryoso ba tong mga to tol? — Daniel Padilla (@imdanielpadilla) August 15, 2017


@PaulAndreSalas ano? Sagot. — Daniel Padilla (@imdanielpadilla) August 15, 2017


In response, Paul said that he will reserve a court for the game.

G pa sched na kami ng court — Paul Salas (@PaulAndreSalas) August 15, 2017


Paul and Daniel's significant others – actresses Kathryn Bernardo and Barbie Imperial, respectively – cheered for the two on Twitter too. 

Kathryn posted a GIF of Steph Curry, while Barbie tweeted: "Good times or bad times, I got his back. Even if you bash me, I just wanna show you guys that bad comments wont stop me, I know him." — KATH  (@bernardokath) August 15, 2017


good times or bad times, i got his back. even if you bash me, i just wanna show you guys that bad comments wont stop me, i know him — Barbie Imperial  (@barbieeimperial) August 15, 2017


The basketball game's date, time, and other details were not discussed publicly.

In an interview with Pep, Daniel talks about his annoyance with Paul regarding the proposed basketball match.

Ayoko lang…. ang sa akin lang, I don’t tolerate things na ganung bagay. Parang sa akin kasi, medyo nabastos lang ako," he said.

(I didn’t like it… I don’t tolerate things like this. I just felt I was disrespected.)

He also said that he has no plans to even answer the challenge anymore, saying he just got annoyed that Paul had to join in the issue. 

"Sinagot ko siya para malaman niya na alam ko ang ginagawa niya. Para alam niya na hindi rin naman ako tatanga-tanga, na puwede lang gaganun-ganunin lang... And yun lang naman yun. Move on na tayo.”

(I answered him so he’ll know I now what he did. So he knows that I’m not just standing there and that he could do that... That’s all. Let’s move on.) –