Derek Ramsay on reconciliation with ex Angelica Panganiban

MANILA, Philippines – It's been years since Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban broke up in 2012, but the actor says that it was only recently that the two spoke again as friends. (READ: Derek Ramsay: 'Minahal ko si Angelica, I'll never forget that')

At a January 21 interview before a press conference for his new movie, Love Is Blind, Derek told reporters that Angelica reached out to him in December, greeting him a belated happy birthday.

"I mean we all have our own time to heal you know, and it was nice for her to reach out and greet me for my birthday," said Derek on the situation.

"It's good, kasi (because) it's something in my life na (that) I've been hoping and praying for, na magkaayos kami, na magkaibigan ulit kami, kasi (that we're all right again, that we're friends again, because) 6 years is 6 years," Derek continued, referring to how long he and Angelica dated. He added that he was thankful that she reached out.

Derek has tried to talk to Angelica before, he said, but she wasn't ready. "Yeah, I tried before, a couple years back, and she wasn't ready, and I respect that. And now that she's ready, she realized na it's great na nag-effort siya para mag-communicate sa akin (that she made the effor tot talk to me). And I was really touched by her reaching out, especially on my birthday pa naman, she remembered."

Derek shared that he didn't know who had greeted him at first, because Angelica had changed her number since they broke up. But when he realized that it was her, he called her up and the two caught up.

According to Derek, this is the first time that the two have communicated, aside from when Derek's estranged wife Mary Christine Jolly filed a concubinage complaint against him and Angelica in 2014. (READ: Derek Ramsay confirms 2002 marriage)

Derek said he called up Angelica during that time, saying, "'Hey, don't worry about this, I will take care of this, I will protect you, I will handle this.' So I got to speak [to her then]." (READ: Derek says sorry to Angelica over estranged wife's concubinage charge)

When reporters asked Derek about the rumors that Angelica had broken up with her current boyfriend, John Lloyd Cruz, Derek adamantly denied it, saying: "Hindi totoo 'yan, hindi totoo 'yan. Patay na yung issue na 'yan, hindi totoo 'yan. (That's not true, that's not true. That issue is dead already, it's not true.) She told me about her plans that they did over the holidays.

"Anyway, that's not for me to get into, that's their relationship. But ang alam ko lang is that hindi sila [hiwalay] (What I know is that they aren't [broken up])."

Like many other fans of showbiz couples, Derek and Angelica's fans have been expressing hope that they would get back together when rumors about John Lloyd and Angelica started flying. On that, Derek said that he was happy that people still support his and Angelica's relationship, both onscreen and off. The two starred in the 2010 movie I Love You, Goodbye.

"It's nice to know that after how many years, they're still there. Pero (But) I'm sure these people want each party to be happy. And from what I gather from Angel, kahit sandali lang kami nag-usap (even though we only spoke for a short time), she's very happy, I'm very happy, and we're both happy.

On his non-showbiz girlfriend

Photo by Jansen Romero/Rappler

Derek himself is currently in a relationship with someone who isn't in showbiz – Joanne Villablanca.

When Angelica reached out to Derek, Derek said he told Joanne about it. "She was happy for me. Because I've been very vocal na sana maging okay kami ni Angelica, kasi (that I hope Angelica and I will be okay again, because) again, 6 years is 6 years. I got to know her, I got to know her family."

Derek has kept his current relationship private, but answered questions from the press during the same interview.

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He said that this relationship is different from his previous ones because Joanne has an 8-year-old daughter: "I respect how she's a wonderful mom, how much she loves her daughter. So it's definitely a different relationship kasi she doensn't just focus on me, she's focused on somebody else as well. I like that, I like that she has a sense of responsibility, and maybe one day she'll be the mother of my children, I don't know, we'll see."

When pushed about whether marriage was a possibility for the future, Derek answered, "We've (Joanne and I) mentioned how this relationship is blooming, how it's getting deeper and deeper and how it's growing. So one day, sana, umabot don sa level na 'yon (hopefully, it reaches that level)."

"Isa siyang blessing (She's a blessing)," Derek said, describing Joanne. "She's motivated me to work, she's motivated me about my life. Yung gustong-gusto ko talaga is paano niyang tinatanggap yung anak ko, na parang inaalagaan din yung anak ko (what I really like is how she accepted my son, that it's like she's taking care of him too), it's –she's a blessing."

Derek has a 12-year-old son named Austin with Mary Christine. –