Derek Ramsay opens up about reconciliation with ABS-CBN

MANILA, Philippines – Derek Ramsay said he is happy to step inside ABS-CBN again after leaving the network years back.

In an interview with reporters at the press conference for Century Tuna Monday, August 10, Derek said he feels relieved to be working with the network through a Star Cinema film. 

"I’m very glad that this day arrived, cause it’s like may malaking tinik na natanggal sa puso ko,” he said. (it's like there was a thorn removed from my heart.) 

"I always have respect for ABS. I wouldn’t be where I am if weren’t for ABS-CBN. And I did a pictorial the other day and it’s strange for me to walk through the doors... and the hallway that I passed through...," he added.

Derek will star in the movie Ex with Benefits alongside Coleen Garcia. According to Derek, the movie is about two people who love each other dearly but had to let go for many reasons.

Derek said he is glad everything is ironed out between him and ABS-CBN.

"It’s nice to know that ABS-CBN realized that it’s good for both parties na… to just forget everything and move forward. 

“It’s nice to know… na at the end of the day, na natutulog ka na walang galit sa 'yo, na hindi ka galit sa iba (that there's no one angry with you and that you are not angry with anyone), "Derek added.

It was reported that after Derek moved to TV5, there was a "silent ban" not get him in any of Star Cinema's projects.  Last March, Derek renewed his contract with TV5 for 3 more years. (READ: Derek Ramsay clarifies rumors about network transfer)


With Ex With Benefits, Derek said he is hoping to continue working with Star Cinema.

“Yes, I’d love to do more projects with ABS-CBN and Star Cinema in the future," he said. –