Pinoy girl group 4th Power on controversial 'X Factor' bid: 'We're chasing our dreams'

MANILA, Philippines – The Filipino girl group 4th Power said on British morning show This Morning that they auditioned for the 12th season of The X Factor UK because they're still "chasing their dreams."

The Filipino sisters Almira, Celena, Mylene and Irene came under fire after their auditions for the competition, which aired on Saturday, August 29. They gave a powerful rendition of Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj's "Bang Bang."

The show's 4 judges loved the group's performance, and Simon Cowell even said, "In terms of first auditions, this is probably the best I've ever seen."

But some viewers blasted the girls online, saying that they pretended to be amateurs on the show when they already have a history of performing professionally.

4th Power was previously known as the Cercado/Gollayan Sisters before they changed their name to MICA when they auditioned for Superstar K6, a Korean talent competition.

As the Cercado/Gollayan Sisters, they've performed in ABS-CBN's It's Showtime.

According to The X factor UK's application terms and conditions: those who are "an employee or a close relation of an employee of ITV plc, FremantleMedia Group, Simco Limited or any parent, subsidiary or associated company" are ineligible for the competition.

During the This Morning interview, host Phillip Schofield brought up the criticism they received for tyring out for the show even though they're seasoned performers. "I don't quite get the criticism, because you're looking for your break, you're still looking for your break," said Phillip.

The girls agreed with Phillip, saying that they were still chasing their dreams.

They added later on that the judges' comments and standing ovation after their performance was a "dream come true," especially when it came to Simon. "[Simon Cowell] was the famous judge for us, in the Philippines, he is straightforward, and he is critic, and we thought he's gonna be rude for us, but he's not," said Almira.

According to The Mirror a spokesperson from The X Factor UK also confirmed that 4th Power was not invited onto the show then asked to pretend that they were amateurs. "Their interview in the program clearly said that they had been performing together since 2001 and had competed in various places," said the spokesperson, adding that there are no rules against anyone who has appeared on other shows to apply to The X Factor.

"Their interview in the program clearly said that they had been performing together since 2001 and had competed in various places.There are no rules preventing anyone who has appeared on other shows from applying for The X Factor," said the spokesperson.

According to the show's rules, researchers for the show can also invite acts to audition, but everyone goes through the same audition process.

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