[FULL RECAP] 'Pinoy Big Brother: All In': The Big Night

MANILA, Philippines – It's been a long journey for those living in Kuya's house, but it's finally over.

Daniel Matsunaga has won the season of Pinoy Big Brother: All Inannounced during the The Big Night on Sunday, August 24.

Screengrab from ABS-CBN

All this after over 100 days in Big Brother (or Kuya's) house, with Daniel besting 18 other housemates in the competition. 

In the previous episode, Loisa Andalio was eliminated, leaving Daniel Matsunaga, Vickie Rushton, Jane Oineza, and Maris Racal in the top 4. 

At the beginning of the episode, footage from the top 4 contestant's celebratory dinner was shown, which also featured the cast watching fireworks from a boat. 

Another challenge featured a special activity, which saw the contestants venturing out of Kuya's house – even taking a fun helicopter ride.

Host Bianca Gonzalez presented them with a safe, which they had to open in order to read the announcement that that night would be their Big Night. 

The special evening at Resorts World opened with a special song number ("Liwanag sa Dilim" and "NoyPi") which included appearances by Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby. 

The Big 4 contestants were then all seen being led blindfolded into the venue. 

Bianca Gonzalez showed the real-time standing of the big 4 votes to save, showing percentages attributed to each of the 4.

Net of all votes (factoring in the votes to evict), housemate U was shown to be the big winner. 

In PBB, fans both vote for who they want to be evicted and who they want to save. The final results take both types of votes into account. 

A look back 

The final four looked back on their time as contestants in the house, via a montage presented by Kuya. Highlights included Jane Oineza's many controversial moments on the show, including her scuffles with other contestants. Her 18th birthday party was also featured. 

Daniel Matsunaga's reel showed him doing chores around the house, and smiling and laughing with fellow housemates – despite his status as a top model and already a famous celebrity. 

Vickie Rushton was shown persevering through her challenges while keeping her friendships intact.

There were also problems along the way with her boyfriend Jason Abalos, though this was later addressed. 

Maris was also shown enjoying and exerting all her effort in all her challenges, and also featured her passion for music. Her schoolmates were shown supporting and cheering her on on-camera. 

Drawing lots for Q&A

WAITING PATIENTLY. Daniel Matsunaga and Jane Oineza. Screengrab from ABS-CBN

WAITING PATIENTLY. Daniel Matsunaga and Jane Oineza.

Screengrab from ABS-CBN

A question-and-answer portion was next, with each of the 4 drawing one name. The person who drew the name would get the chance to ask the person a tough question about the contest. 

Vickie drew a question for Daniel, asked in Filipino: Why didn't he make an effort to get to know his housemates or talk about his life outside the house? 

Daniel responded that he was shy about becoming emotional, and instead of saying things that would hurt others, he'd rather see his housemates smile. He also said that he preferred to talk about happier things. 

Maris drew Vickie's name: "Bakit mo ako binoto ng two points dati, e parang wala naman tayong problema?" (Why did you choose me to receive two points before, when we didn't have any problems with each other?)

Vickie said that that was the time that she saw a change of attitude in Maris, but she explained to her that she wanted Maris to be aware of that, and that's why she voted for her. 

LOVELY LADIES. Maris Racal and Vickie Rushton. Screengrab from ABS-CBN

LOVELY LADIES. Maris Racal and Vickie Rushton.

Screengrab from ABS-CBN

Jane drew Maris' name, and asked her a tough question in a mix of English in Filipino: Are you willing to give up your Big 4 spot for your best friend, who is Loisa?

Maris said that throughout the show, she learned to fight for what she wants, what was in her heart – Loisa knew that, she said. 

Daniel asked Jane: when time came for a team decision, why did Jane vote for Daniel to be evicted, when she had previously said that he was part of her big 4? 

Jane said the basis of her decision was the majority, and that's the choice she went with, even though she was against it – and that she had to do it.

At this point, vote standing was shown again, where contestant U (later revealed to be Daniel) was shown to be the ultimate winner. 

Family and friends of the big 4 were there to ask the public to vote for their loved ones. This included Daniel Matsunaga's sister, model Vanessa Matsunaga. 

Fans, friends, and family, with the hosts, led the countdown to the closing of the votes.

Voting over, time for the big announcement

Current and previous PBB housemates then took to the stage for a fun dance number, including James Reid and Alex Gonzaga, and of course, Kim Chiu.  

Net of all votes to evict and save, these were the final standings: housemate K, .73%, U 11.69%, Y, 3.1%, A, -.78%. 

PBB Double Up big winner Melai Cantiveros, and a representative from SGV, went up onstage to announce Vickie Rushton as the 4th big placer. Her family and boyfriend Jason Abalos were there to greet her as she made her way to the stage. 

Vickie left a message for fans and supporters: to come out of their shell and not be afraid to express themselves. This, she said, was something she learned during the show. 

Kim Chiu, in a long, flowing blue gown, was on hand to announce the 3rd big placer: Jane Oineza. Daniel Matsunaga, her fellow celebrity, seemed genuinely sad and gave her a big hug before Jane came out onstage. Daniel then lifted Maris into a big hug, as they were left in the final two. 

Jane told the crowd (through tears) about what she learned as a housemate: "Paniniwala sa sarili, pagtitiwala, patience po." (Belief in oneself, trust, patience).

Maris' dad said that they respected the decision of the voters, and thanked the fans who supported Maris. 

"Dream big," was Maris' special, simple message to fans. 

Finally, Daniel Matsunaga came out to greet the crowd. Visibly emotional, he called his thanks to the people. 

Asked why he thought he won, he said, he felt that it was because he showed that he loved the viewers, and that he was happy to be Pinoy at heart, even though he was Brazilian-Japanese.

"I'm so much more proud to be Filipino by heart," he said, more than others who were not proud of the country. "It was the craziest experience of my life...I'm so, so happy to be here, and thankful first to God, who gave me this opportunity." – Rappler.com