WATCH: It's ice vs fire in latest teaser for final 'Game of Thrones' season

MANILA, Philippines – HBO on Friday, December 7, released a teaser video for the final season of the critically-acclaimed Game of Thrones.

The 39-second video reveals nothing really new – we've all been told, literally, that winter is coming or that winter has come – but it is absolutely working in hyping both devout and casual fans for the premiere of the 8th season in April 2019

In the teaser, ice creeps in and eventually consumes a direwolf (the Starks) and a dragon (of course) before it clashes with a wave of fire (which surrounds – what else – a lion).

Unless you've been watching the HBO series in a vacuum, A Song of Ice and Fire is the actual name of the book series. The clash and union of the two elements is a major plot point in the series. –