Ina Raymundo on fitness, family, TV return

MANILA, Philippines – She started out with a famous beer commercial, did a number of film and TV roles, and now, approaching her forties and embracing family life, Ina Raymundo says that she has never been in a better position in life. 

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Here's what Ina has to say about staying fit, family time, her famous Sabado Nights commercial, her FHM cover, and playing kontrabida (antagonist) in MariMar.

1. She keeps fit with Zumba. Ina loves to work out and mixes things up to avoid getting bored.

"Sa totoo lang ang ginagawa ko is napaka-simple. Hindi siya complicated. I would go to the gym na madali lang gawin – Zumba. (The truth is, what I'm doign is very simple. It's not complicated. I would go to the gym and just do Zumba.)  You can do Zumba everywhere.. Kahit saan may (Anywhere is ) Zumba. You can dance at home. I [also] eat well," Ina told reporters during the autograph signing for FHM, Tuesday, November 3 at Robinsons Galleria. Ina is the magazine's November cover star. 

Thank you @ginoong_ for always bringing out the SWEAT in us! #Zumba #zumbalove #zumbaisforallages #fitness #sayyestofitness #InasZumba A video posted by Ina Raymundo (@inaraymundo95) on Oct 28, 2015 at 12:37am PDT


Ina also does electric cycling, boxing, and weights. She tells FHM: "I do TRX (suspension training), boxing, weights. Hindi naman ako mabilis ma-bore (I don't get bored easily) – 'yung TRX and Zumba, I've been doing it for 3 years and hindi pa rin ako nagsasawa (I've not gotten tired it.)

My workout out routine is quite simple. Some of my exercises are too simple to post on Instagram, but one thing I always do... I squeeze HARD. #TRX #fitness #sayyestofitness #momof5 A video posted by Ina Raymundo (@inaraymundo95) on Sep 24, 2015 at 11:45pm PDT


2. She eats right and eats what she wants. Ina is not into fad diets. She shared that she still eats what she wants but tweaks her meals to suit her lifestyle. 

'Yung pagkain ko napaka-simple lang hindi mo kailangan i-budget para ma-achieve mo yung kinakain mo," she said. (What I eat is very simple and you don't need to budget it to achieve what I eat.)

Ina shared her typical meal.  "Hito (catfish) is my favorite.  Just put it in the oven toaster. Twice a week, iyon ang food ko with brown rice and fruit like one piece of banana or one piece of apple." She also shared that she eats tinolang manok, sinigang na manok and nilagang baka

"It’s true na 70% of what you eat, iyon 'yung importante (that's what is important)...You have to eat well and avoid salty foods. [Also avoid] yung mga high in sodium and processed meat," she said.

3. How she makes time for her husband and kids: Being a mother is not an easy task, but Ina makes sure to give equal time to her husband, children, and other activtities.

In her interview with FHM, Ina said: "As a wife, I make sure that I give time for my husband (businessman Brian Portunak). Like earlier, we had breakfast together kahit na sobrang busy ako. I'm super malambing (affectionate)."   

Ina is grateful because it was Brian who encouraged her to pose for the November issue.

To all the couples out there, never take each other for granted and never let that "spark" die. #keeptheflamealive #dadofmy5kids #loveteamBriaNa A photo posted by Ina Raymundo (@inaraymundo95) on Sep 12, 2015 at 5:36am PDT


Ina also said that she personally takes her children to their lessons, reads books, and bonds with them through music. 

I love reading with my girls. Our favorite is An Elephant & Piggie books. #myusualsabadonight A photo posted by Ina Raymundo (@inaraymundo95) on Oct 17, 2015 at 4:19am PDT


4. On the famous "Sabado Nights" beer commercial. Unknown to many, Ina was not the original choice for the commercial. In an interview with FHM, Ina shared the story behind it.


"I was told they had already chosen a girl, and the first day ng shoot, they realized they had gotten the wrong girl, kulang daw sa 'landi,' 'yun 'yung term nila. (She wasn't flirty enough.)  So ako 'yung pinili nila...anong ibig sabihin no'n? (So they chose what does that mean?) Ha ha! I remember that night I was out sa gimikan, and then suddenly my manager called to tell me I should go home na because I had a shoot that morning at 7 am," Ina shared.

Although she was tired, Ina went ahead with the shoot and the rest was history. 

5. Her character Brenda Aldama in MariMar is inspired by Meryl Streep in one of her famous roles. – After being away from the limelight for quite some time, Ina is back on television this time as an antagonist in the remake of MariMar. In the show, she plays Brenda Aldama, the second wife of Gustavo Aldama (Zoren Legaspi) and the stepmother of MariMar/Bella Aldama played by Megan Young.

For the role of Brenda, Ina said she wanted something different. "Ayoko 'yung (I did not want the) typical kontrabida na you’ll hate her. Gusto ko yung kahit na maldita siya but loveable siya  (I really wanted that despite that she's mean, she also loveable). Actually ang peg ko dito is Meryl Streep sa Death Becomes Her," she said. 

Ina said Brenda will play a big factor in MariMar's transformation as Bella. 

MAGANDAng hapon! @meganbata + @solennheussaff = WW! There's too much beauty on the set of #MariMar2015. #BrendaAldama #Marimarebidensya A photo posted by Ina Raymundo (@inaraymundo95) on Oct 29, 2015 at 12:53am PDT


Ina said that followers of the show will definitely have to watch out how she will make MariMar's life miserable now that she is becoming Bella Aldama.

"Basta I would make her life difficult na hindi niya alam na (that she doesn't know) I’m making it difficult. Kumbaga si Brenda Aldama ay may brain damage, " Ina joked. "Ano siya (She's) manipulative pero hindi halata (not obvious). But she’s loveable." 

Ina also said that working with the cast has been a wonderful experience especially with the show's director Dominic Zapanta.

"Tuwang tuwa ako sa kanya. Ang gaan-gaan niya katrabaho kahit natapos na kami ng 8:30 ng umaga," Ina laughed.  (i'm really fond of him. he's very easy to work with even if we finished our taping at 8:30 in the morning.)

As to whether she's open to working full time again on TV and on screen, Ina said: "I don't know, we’ll see. If they give me a script and the director is comfortable to work with, we’ll see." –