Iya Villania on motherhood and keeping your child active

MANILA, Philippines – Iya Villania said that she and husband Drew Arellano don't mind son Primo doing commercials and modeling for as long as he doesn't get tired.

At the launch of the Uniqlo baby and maternity line, Iya said she and Drew had no reason to refuse when they were approached to endorse the brand.

"As long as he’s not overworked and it’s a little challenging because you have to work around his nap time, you have to work with his mood swings if he’s happy or if he’s in the mood…why did we say yes? Because we didn’t have a reason to say no. It’s an opportunity to pay for his education... joke!" she said.

"But, yeah there’s no reason because it’s more play for him. It’s like he’s being paid to play. There was no reason to say no because these are products that we use and products we believe in. And parang we feel naman it won't mess with his personality. The attention he gets... we balance it out."

Iya added: "But whats important for me and Drew is the scope of work. So if we feel na medyo hindi yata (this isn't) fair , nakaakawa si Primo (it makes Primo tired), these things we consider."

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Dressing up toddlers

Now that Primo's one year old, Iya shared that when it comes to dressing up kids his age, it's always important to consider the material of the clothes.

"One thing to keep in mind is comfort meaning yung mga (the) reactions sa (to the) skin...cotton is the best for babies, [also] accessibiity, neutral shades," she said."

Photo courtesy of Uniqlo

Iya said that one of the things she loves from the brand is the onesies. 

"The reason why I love onesies kasi hindi siya nag-ride up (because it doesn't go up). S'yempre kasi buhat-buhat mo siya (Because you always carry him around). [So my] go to are onesies."

I can stare at this face all day  Too bad he can't say the same about his mama A post shared by Iya Villania-Arellano (@iyavillania) on Oct 3, 2017 at 11:43pm PDT

When she was pregnant, she also found herself buying dresses from Uniqlo. Sometimes even the same style in different colors. And since she and the family are set to go to the US this November, she said she's grateful to be using pieces from the Heattech collection.

When it comes to dressing Primo up, Iya always count on Drew to have an opinion about how his son is dressed. 

"His Papa likes to keep him in neutrals like blue, baby blue, navy blue, gray, brown," Iya shared. "Kasi wala, parang iyon yung type ng daddy niya (Because it's what his dad likes). At tsaka (And) we feel that if we stick to the basics, it makes it easy to mix and match."

"Hay naku ilang beses na," Iya jokingly complained when asked if Drew changes Primo's outfits. "Ako yung pumili tapos ma-x niya yung mga choices ko... I guess iba din kasi yung taste ng mga lalake sa babae. So what I think looks good, is cute on him,  parang Drew would [say] no, 'let's put different shoes, hindi bagay 'yung shoes na iyan'." 

(That has happened so many times. I would be that one to choose and he would reject the choices I made...I guess it's also because the taste of men is different from women. So what I think may look good, or is cute on him, Drew would say no, 'let's put different shoes, the shoes do not match the outfit.')

Photo by Paolo Pangan for Uniqlo

Another thing that makes Primo such a lucky kid are his trips abroad. "What’s great about exposing a kid to other countries is exposing him to different cultures, different colors of people, different accents. He’s at the age that he’s curious and I don’t want him to grow up and be weirded out by different [races], different looks. I want him to be accustomed to multicultural people."  – Rappler.com