On life support, Jam Sebastian wakes up to say 'I love you'

MANILA, Philippines – One half of YouTube couple Jamich, Paolinne Michelle “Mich” Liggayu, took to Facebook Friday, February 27, to tell fans that fiance Jam Sebastian briefly woke up to deliver a special message.

Post by Mich Liggayu.


(Jam suddenly woke up now. His eyes were clear. I asked him how he felt, like was it the feeling of just waking up, with sudden energy. He nodded yes. He still can't talk so we asked for pen and paper, because he might want to say something. And this is what he wrote for all of us.)

Mich said that Jam went back to sleep shortly after waking up.

Just about an hour earlier, Mich’s dad posted on Facebook about accepting Jam’s situation:

“Doctor Charity Gorospe, Jam's lead cancer doctor is explaining to us the reality of Jam's condition. All vital signs are weak and that it is a fight that we will not win over.

She also added that what we are doing to Jam right now is just prolonging his pain if we keep him under meds and the ventilator.

It is a given fact that we have lost the battle. He is just alive because of the meds and will not recover anymore.”

It was accompanied by a prayer to keep the family strong.

Jam was diagnosed with lung cancer back in March 2014. Mich surprised Jam with an emotional proposal two months later in May.

The couple rose to fame on YouTube through their channel ‘Jamich’ – an combination of Jam's name and Paolinne’s second name Michelle.

The videos feature Jam and Mich in different scenarios, telling different types of love stories. They first posted them just for friends, but soon gained a passionate following on- and offline. – Rappler.com