Jericho Rosales looks back on 20-year showbiz career

MANILA, Philippines – Jericho Rosales is celebrating his 20th year in show business this 2016. While he has received several awards and much recognition throughout his career, Jericho said that he also met a number of challenges along the way.

“That’s the best part of my career eh, getting back up. We always say, ‘The bad days make the good days even better.’ When you look back to that memory when you fail, lessons learned, no regrets, charge to experience, ‘di ba?” Jericho said during a press conference Thursday, January 28.

Jericho attributes his career longevity to his ability to adapt, and understanding that he would not always be the biggest star in showbiz.

“I really believe in seasons. There’s a season that your career will dip, then it will go back up again. When you understand seasons, you understand life.”

He pointed out that he already went through the love team and matinee idol route, adding that it has always been about evolution for him.

“I go with the flow, ‘di ako pwede mag-James Reid or Daniel Padilla (I cannot do James Reid and Daniel Padilla), I mean puwede, pero I understand kung nasaang stage ako ng buhay ko. Gusto ko kasi palaging nage-evolve. (I understand where I am at the stage of my life. I always want to evolve.) I force myself to evolve as an actor and a performer. I understand kung nasaan ako (where I am). I have no problem accepting my age, I have no problems maturing, growing older,” he said.

Jericho also quickly added that there is no competition between him and other younger artists.

“As a guy, ‘di ko ide-deny na may (I do have a) competitive spirit ako. I respect their talents and abilities, but I have my own set of talents and abilities and I enhance it and improve it. Pinag-aaralan ko ‘yung ‘di ko nagagawa  (I study what I was not able to do) and try to excel. I’m really hoping that sila Daniel, James, Enrique [Gil], will discover that and will enjoy that process also.”

At the launch of his Star Studio magazine cover for February, Jericho said that fans can expect more from him in the coming years. He will be doing two primetime soaps under ABS-CBN and also said that he would love to do a sequel for the 2012 film Alagwa.

Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN/Star Studio

Yung unang soap, wholesome. It involves kids, kung ikukumpara mo sa mga pinapanood natin sa pelikula, parang Dreamworks. May animation, may konting fantasy siya. The second one, it involves a lot of water, medyo may action nang konti, a big love story, and a classic story,” he said.

(The first soap, wholesome. It involves kids that if you comapre to the movies we watch, it's like Dreamworks. There's animation, a bit of fantasy. The second one, it involves a lot of water, there's a bit of action, a big love story, and a classic story.)

“I’ve been convincing direk Ian (Loreños) na gumawa ng Alagwa 2. What happened in between. The film ends when found his son sa tunnel but meron siyang journey of more than 5 years after mabarilyung nag-kidnap sa anak niya dun din sa loob ng tunnel.

(The film ends when he finds his son in the tunnel, but he has a journey of more than 5 years after the guy who kidnapped his son was shot.) 

“I want to take that route again, that indie scene but maybe on a more commercial level.”

This 2016, Jericho said that, given the opportunity, he wants to do 3 films: mainstream, indie and another MMFF entry.

Apart from being an accomplished actor, Jericho shared that it has always been his dream to work behind the camera and try producing films, much like his good friend Piolo Pascual.

“Hopefully by 40, I’ll be like Piolo Pascual na nagpo-produce (producing) na ng really big films. Idol ko talaga si pareng (I really look up to) Piolo. It’s about finding the right partner. Who knows baka puwede na rin akong ma-involve sa  (I might get involved in) productions, sa TV,” Jericho said. 

“My goal has always been to be behind the camera, ‘yun talaga yung gusto ko (that's what I want), I love the audience and I really value them, I want to share my heart sa kanila.”

Jericho added that he is planning to expand his barbershop business Talas Manileño, and possibly put up a small shop related to his other interests, surfing and biking.

On the success of Walang Forever

Jericho shared that he was blown away when he first saw the movie that was a big hit in the 2015 MMFF season. The actor admitted that he only realized how powerful Ethan and Mia’s love story was when he shot his first intense scene with co-star Jennylyn Mercado. (READ ‘Walang Forever’ review: Truth in escapism)


Sa gitna nung filming dun ko na-realize na (In the middle of filming the movie, that when I realize) people will fall in love with Ethan and Mia. All the more excited na kami. It felt so real because of the story. Jen and I didn’t have a hard time understanding and believing. Hindi kami nahirapan maging si Ethan and si Mia.” (It wasn't hard for us to become Ethan and Mia.) 

Jericho added that he has always been praying to be part of a movie like Walang Forever. (MMFF 2015: 5 things to know about 'Walang Forever')

“I’m just so thankful and proud. To be part of a movie na ganun, to me jackpot talaga.  ‘Yun talaga yung isa sa mga tipo ng pelikula na gusto kong ginagawa. ‘Yung ganung klase."(Those kinds of films are the one I really want to make.)

Walang Forever director Dan Villegas previously shared that both Jericho and Jennylyn had to step out of their comfort zones for the role. When asked to explain what Dan meant by it, Jericho shared that he felt uncomfortable acting naughty, flirting with his co-star. He explained that he had to bring back the “old Jericho” just to get into character.

9 days to go! Really excited here #ethanandmia #walangforevermovie Directed by @dan_villegas ! A photo posted by Jericho Rosales (@jerichorosalesofficial) on Dec 16, 2015 at 8:45pm PST


Ang comfort zone ko kasi is (My comfort zone is) heavy drama, intense emotions. Nahirapan ako siguro (I guess what was difficult) was to flirt, and to be pilyo and naughty. ‘Dun sa love story ni Ethan and Mia they had to flirt with each other. Lalo na si Ethan. Alam mo naman ‘yung mag-ex kayo tapos may ganyang nagyayari. (You know you were together before and then something happens like that)

"So I had to go back to that time when [I used to] flirt, saka naughty ako. Naughty pa rin ako pero sa asawa ko na lang, (I'm still naughty but just with my wife.)” Jericho said. Jericho is happily married to TV personality and host Kim Jones. 

Sobrang fascinated ako sa naging process namin ni Dan [Villegas] kasi ang dami kong binalikan, in-open na nakakatakot. May mga bagay na tinalikuran ko na, pero for the film – it doesn’t mean na major component ‘yun, but I had to go back to that Echo, old Jericho, to be able to para magkaroon ng laman si Ethan.”

(I was fascinated with the process Dan [Villegas] and I went  through because I went back to so many things and opened some things up that were very scary. There were things I turned my back on already at but for the film – it doesn't mean it was a major component, but I had to go back to that Echo, old Jericho to be able to really bring Ethan to life.)

Jericho also recounted a scene when he had a tough time getting into character. He shared that he was embarrassed that Jennylyn might think that he was taking advantage of her.  

Hindi ko matingnan si Jen, mahalikan. It’s so funny. Pagdating namin sa set, tinanong ako ni Dan, ‘Anong nangyari?’ Sabi ko ‘di ko rin alam pero tinamaan ako ng hiya, hiyang hiya ako," Jericho said. (I could not look at Jen and kiss her. It's so funny. When we arrived at the set, Dan asked me 'what happened?' I said 'I'm not sure, but I got embarrassed. I was really embarrassed.)

Basta ang daming pumasok sa isip ko. Baka isipin ni Jen tsina-tsansingan ko siya, baka iniisip niya ganito. It took me more than 30-45 minutes to get into the scene. Siguro nakalagpas limang take kami kasi di ko magawa yung eksena. For me embarrassing yun kasi ang tagal na ni Jen dun.”

(So many things crossed my mind. Jen might think I was taking advantage of her, that she was thinking somewhere along those lines. It took me 30-45 minutes to get the scene. I guess we went beyond 5 takes because I was not able to do the scene right. That was really embarassing because that took a long time to do with Jen.)

With a long career behind him and much to look forward to in the coming years, we can't wait to see what's next from Jericho Rosales. –