Can you keep up? Khloe Kardashian also reportedly pregnant

MANILA, Philippines – If reports are to be believed, the stork is making a huge delivery to the Kardashian-Jenner clan: Khloe Kardashian and boyfriend Tristan Thompson are supposedly expecting a baby.

The news comes just days after Khloe’s youngest sister Kylie Jenner made headlines after reportedly being pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott.

An unnamed source told People that the pregnancies were unplanned, but the sisters are “really happy about it,” and see it as “a unifying experience for them as sisters.”

According to Us Weekly, Khloe is about 4 months along, and is due around the same time as Kylie.

Their older sister Kim Kardashian is also supposedly expecting a baby via surrogate with husband Kanye West, with reports coming out in early September.

None of the sisters have confirmed the news. –