All our favorite Live Jam performances from 2018

MANILA, Philippines – 2018 saw another slew of artists dropping by our office to shake things up for an evening with one of the things Pinoys love the most: music.

The Live Jam year was book-ended by female artists. Veteran folk musician Cynthia Alexander kicked off 2018, while up-and-coming singing sensation Jayda Avanzado, ended the year on a sweet note.

In between, we were serenaded to almost unbearable kilig by Ian Veneracion, brought along on a nostalgia-trip by Sandwich and Callalily, left breathless in a fit of giggles by DaPulis and Sponge Cola, inspired to take a stand by the legendary Buklod, and pretty much just stunned to silence by the immortal vocals of music icon Jaya, who performed with Jay-R and Jason Dy.

It was a year of comebacks for artists like Orange and Lemons, Thirds, and Mojofly. It was also a year of new discoveries, with the likes of Earl Generao, Bita and the Botflies, Renee Dominique, Niki Colet, and Jigo Viriña and Mariamaria.

Unique Salonga came on the show twice – first as the frontman of funk favorite IV of Spades, and then as a solo artist with a decidedly different sound.

Singer-songwriters Rice Lucido and Chlara performed particularly beautiful sets that made our hearts tender, especially as they spoke and sang honestly about the most personal subject matters.

We also listened to music from artists outside Manila, with bands like Mandaue Nights from Cebu (their album Love City also made it to our top 10 albums of 2018), Loop from Iligan, and Lunar Lights from Bulacan. We also had artists from outside the country: Singapore-based music duo SOBS, and the boyband of our childhood, The Moffats.

It was in 2018 that we got to dive deeper into genres that redefine the idea that most people have of Original Pilipino Music. We had hip-hop collective Uprising  over, as well as the theatrical goth-rock band Tanya Markova, percussion duo the Hernandez Brothers, and the soul/funk ensemble Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas.

Musical theater also made its Live Jam mark, with the casts of shows like Side Show, Eto Na! Musikal nAPO!, and Mula sa Buwan bringing their theater-ready, dramatic flair to the makeshift Live Jam stage that is our office.

In a moment that felt like coming full-circle, we also saw the return of the first-ever Live Jam guests, Johnoy Danao, Ebe Dancel, and Bullet Dumas, who performed as 3D and gave us another stellar acoustic version of Sugarfree classic, "Prom."

There’s a lot more in store for Rappler Live Jam this year, as we continue to open the stage for local artists who want to showcase their music. As we get ready for another round of office concerts, here are just some of our favorite episodes and performances from the show!



Johnoy Danao, Ebe Dancel, and Bullet Dumas

Tanya Markova




Orange and Lemons


Sponge Cola

Mandaue Nights

Bita and the Botflies

Rice Lucido


Ian Veneracion

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