Maria Ozawa apologizes to Robin Padilla, wishes Robin and Mariel well

MANILA, Philippines – Japanese actress Maria Ozawa apologized to Robin Padilla for previously calling him "unprofessional" after Robin had to drop out of the film they were starring in,Nilalang.

In an interview with ABS-CBN at the sidelines of last week's Dutdutan Festival, Maria said that given the chance, she would like to apologize personally.

"I’m really sorry about what I’ve said before. And if I had the chance, I want to say sorry in person," she said.

"I want to apologize for everything. Best wishes to them," she added.

Robin was supposed to star with Maria in the movie Nilalang which is part of the Metro Manila Film Festival. However, he decided back out to take care of his wife, TV host Mariel Rodriguez who was pregnant at that time. Mariel later suffered a miscarriage. 

Maria posted on Instagram days later that Robin was unprofessional for backing out 10 days before the shoot. Cesar Montano replaced Robin in the movie. 

According to the same report, Robin and his manager have accepted Maria's apology.

Meanwhile, Maria said that she has finished her scenes for Nilalang and shared she had a good time making the film.

She's been posting photos of the production process too, sharing how her character looks, plus photos with other cast members. 

"So this is the location that we're staying for the next 3 days...! Beautiful view!!..and romantic," she wrote.

so this is the location that wr staying for the nxt 3days...! beautiful view!!..and romantic A photo posted by Maria.Ozawa (@maria.ozawa) on Sep 20, 2015 at 11:22pm PDT


"My last day of shooting!! its going to be a dramatic scene!" Maria said.

My last day of shooting!! its going to be a dramatic scene! #Nilalang #cesarmontano #megimperial #professionellamaquillage A photo posted by Maria.Ozawa (@maria.ozawa) on Sep 23, 2015 at 4:51am PDT


For one photo, she wrote: "Sneak peek for the day. Me in an action scene. Nailed it!!"

sneak peak for the day me on a action scenenailed it!! #Nilalang A photo posted by Maria.Ozawa (@maria.ozawa) on Sep 16, 2015 at 1:48pm PDT


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