15 best and worst PH TV and movie boyfriends

MANILA, Philippines – Don't have a date this Valentine's 2015? We're rounding up a list of the best swoon-worthy leading men, and the men you should avoid at all costs – if you were to meet someone like them in real life. (READ: 50 date ideas for Valentine's 2015)

Ready? We hope your favorites make it, too.

Best boyfriends

A man who gave everything to a girl who left him, a hurting illegitimate son changes for the better, and a guy who helps mend a girl's broken heart. 

1) Marco Villanueva from Starting Over Again


"Anong karapatan mong hingin ang isang bagay na pinagdamot mong ibigay? (What right do you have to ask for something that you were too greedy to share?) I deserved an explanation."

Why he's a great boyfriend: Although Ginny (Toni Gonzaga) persistently chased after Sir Marco (Piolo Pascual) first, he eventually grew attached to her as well. His passion and love for her extended to a plan he shared with Ginny on turning his childhood home into a restaurant. But Marco's simple plans clashed with Ginny's, which caused her to leave him without explanation. At the end of the film, Marco confessed to a heartbroken Ginny that he still loved her in a different way, and even if she hurt him, he forgave her. 

"You're welcome... daw – sabi ng shooting star (You're welcome, said the shooting star)."

Why he's a great boyfriend: He never at all complained when Mace ranted about her ex and cried as she narrated memories over and over again.

Not only was he a great listener, he took her to places in an effort to get Mace's mind off her ex-boyfriend, and that included a karaoke session, and a trip to Baguio and Sagada. 

3) Richard Lim/Sir Chief from Be Careful with my Heart


Why he's a great boyfriend: Sir Chief, due to the loss of his wife, had become brooding and devoid of all feelings. But his eventual love for Maya revealed a sweeter, more caring side to the widower which he maintained throughout the rest of the now defunct series. 

4) Miggy Montenegro from A Very Special Love/You Changed My Life/the latter half of It Takes A Man and a Woman

"Laida, all my life, my pursuit has always been to be the best. To be number one. And now all I want is for you to feel that... you're number one for me."

Why he's a great boyfriend: Miggy Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz) was a hard man to love, especially since he's living with the fact of being a Montenegro born out of wedlock. His temper and insecurities got the better of him at the start of the trilogy, but eventually showed a sweeter and more caring personality as the series evolved.

Miggy's rendition of "Kailan" for girlfriend Laida Magtalas (Sarah Geronimo) was a running theme throughout the series, which ended with a sweet flash mob at the airport.

5) Daniel  Guidotti from Walang Hanggan


Why he's a great boyfriend: Daniel Guidotti (Coco Martin) developed a friendship and eventual love with Katerina (Julia Montes). He's sweet and he was quick to defend Katerina against the violence of Nathan (Paulo Avelino) and the demands of brother Tomas (Joem Bascon). 

6) Liam Lagdameo from Ina, Kapatid, Anak


Why he's a great boyfriend: Although Liam (Xian Lim) and Celyn (Kim Chiu) were enemies at the start, a friendship blossomed between the two, and eventually love. Liam defended Celyn several times against the taunts of friend-turned-enemy and half-sister Margaux and Liam's mom Martina (Francine Prieto). Martina believed that Celyn – who was born into poverty – only loved Liam because he was rich. 

7) Andrew Escalona from  Won't Last a Day Without You

"Paano kung hindi s'ya ang gusto kong makasama ko dito? Pa'no kung sabihin ko sa 'yo na masaya na ako, sa kaharap ko?" (What if I don't want [my ex-girlfriend] to be with me here now? What if I wanted to say that I was happy, with the one in front of me?)

Why he's a great boyfriend: He strived to change for the better, and in the process changed DJ Heidee's perspective about love. Although he wasn't able to initially speak up on his feelings for DJ Heidee, his public admission in the end won her heart – and ours too.

Worst Boyfriends

Cheaters, user, abusive partners – we've got them all here. 

"Mahal kita, pero slight lang." (I love you, but only a little bit.)

Why he's the worst boyfriend: You wouldn't want someone who is noncommittal and who is only after a computer (specifically a 13-inch Macbook, not an 11-inch one), right?

2) Ram Escaler from No Other Woman

Why he's the worst boyfriend:There is no mercy for the cheater, especially like one Ram Escaler. He had a great life and a great family, but instead chose to cheat on wife Charmaine (Cristine Reyes) with Kara Zalderiaga (Anne Curtis), a resort owner's daughter. 

3) Victor Guevarra from Two Wives

Why he's the worst boyfriend:He was only given the task to act like the father of the child of single mother Janine (Erich Gonzales), not to fall in love with her and file an annulment with his current wife Yvonne (Kaye Abad). Actually, he shouldn't even have accepted it in the first place. A bout of amnesia shook him, where he left Janine to be with Yvonne all over again. So indecisive and unfaithful. 

4) Adrian Abanilla from The Legal Wife


Why he's the worst boyfriend: Did he really have to carry on an affair with his wife (Angel Locsin)'s best friend (Maja Salvador)? Also, did he have to have one of his trysts at the resort his wife was staying in? Not only did he ruin a friendship between his wife and her best friend, he also ruined the family dynamic he should have felt lucky to have. 

5) Hector from Rubi

Why he's the worst boyfriend: Hector abandoned Maribel at their wedding to marry Rubi instead. Since Rubi's real reason for going after Hector was because of his money, she stayed miserable in the marriage and in turn still harbored feelings for Hector's best friend Alejandro. Rubi becomes pregnant.

Hector – who revealed his jealous and possessive personality – found out about the tryst and after a heated argument, he punched Rubi in the stomach, and this killed the baby, thinking it was Alejandro's. But after some tests, it turned out that the baby was indeed Hector's, and Hector lost his mind. 

6) Chad from Four Sisters and a Wedding

7) Bogs Marasigan from Paano Na Kaya


Anna to Bogs: "Ayan! Diyan tayo sumasablay, Bogs, eh – sa 'kaya lang.' Lagi lang may 'kaya lang,' never naging simpleng 'mahal kita, Mae.'" (There! That's where we lose, Bogs, with 'but.' It's always the 'but,' and never simply 'I love you, Mae.'"

Why he's the worst boyfriend: The strongest case of paasa if there ever was one. Bogs Marasigan (Gerald Anderson) starts off as a guy madly in love with headstrong career woman Anna (Melissa Ricks), and is completely oblivious to the fact that his best friend Mae (Kim Chiu) is in love with him.

Anna eventually left Bogs because she thought he wasn't as motivated as she was. Mae finally made her move afterwards, and the two became lovers.

But when Anna returned to Bogs's life, he fell for her again – leaving Mae in the dust. 

8) Franco Hidalgo from Ikaw Lamang 

Why he's the worst boyfriend: His love (obsession maybe?) for Isabelle (Kim Chiu) drove him to madness when he realized he can never be loved by Isabelle the way she loved Samuel (Coco Martin). He was possessive and jealous, and at the end of the series was charged with murder and domestic abuse. Yikes.

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